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Yo-kai Watch Wiki staff
What Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not!

There are things that Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not. There are contributors that believe that Yo-kai Watch is not really an informative-based wiki, which we are striving to provide as much information about the Yo-kai as possible. Here is a run-down of what this wiki is not!

Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a social-media network!
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a social-media network like; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok etc. Content remains the most important focus. You can use the chat to converse with fellow contributors about anything else besides the Yo-kai Watch series.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a repository of Avatar images!
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not the place for you to dump images. When you are uploading images, they must be used on pages or on your profile! Do not complain about your images being deleted, as already stated, Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a wiki were you can dump your images.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not an advertisement website!
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a place for you to advertise such as representing a website that you've created or any other things that are personally linked towards you. If you advertise something, then you will be banned immediately.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not a repository of piracy.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki do not provide any links of were you can watch the latest episodes of the animation adaption of Yo-kai Watch. Do not ask around which website you can watch the anime or the movie. Do not even upload episodes and movies to the wiki. Short videos, such as trailers, are acceptable for minor series promotion.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki not an official website.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not an official website of Level-5 or Nintendo. Neither do we have any connections to anyone affiliated with Level-5 or Nintendo in each possible way. Do not ask us for information about if there will be a new game or how the localization of the game is doing. We only purport to be a general resource and community site on the subject.
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not an anime-based wiki or any other wiki!
Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not an anime-based wiki, despite that the franchise has a animated series running. We do not reflect ours with any other wiki, nor do we compare ourselves that we are like the other wiki's. Do not ask or complain about something because an other wiki has that as well. Accept what is the best for this wiki!