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Rai Oton (Japanese: 雷オトン Rai Oton) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Goriki Tribe.


  • M04: Supporting Yo-kai.


In his everyday Lightside form, Rai Oton looks a lot like a regular old man, with pink skin, grey hair that's tied into a ponytail, and small sunglasses.

He wears a green kimono, with a yellow obi, and what could be a blue hanten. The symbol displayed on the latter is associated with thunder drums.

In his Shadowside form his hair becomes a lot wilder, his eyes are glowing, and he appears more muscular.

He now rides a thundercloud, like his appearance from the present series, and is accompanied by a ring of thunder drums, associated with the lightning deity Raijin.



Rai Oton plays a supporting role in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King, being one of the Yo-kai that aid Natsume in the fight against Oniou Rasen


Seiryuu (Shadowside)

Seiryuu had Rai Oton's Ark, meaning that they probably have met before and are somewhat close.

Natsume Amano

Natsume has Rai Oton's Ark, making him one of her Yo-kai friends. He helped her in the fight against Oniou Rasen.


(see Papa Bolt#Etymology)

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