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Ranma (Japanese: 早乙女らんま Saotome Ranma) is a Rank B "Yo-kai" of the Charming tribe.


Ranma's female form is close to appearance to his male form, with the main differences between the two (other than gender) being the pigtail's length; the auburn hair color, which she gets from Ranma's mother (though Ranma's is more vibrant); and height, with Ranma's female form being about a head shorter than her male form.


Same as Ranma.


Same as Ranma.

Abilities and Powers

Same as Ranma. However, Ranma's female form trades off the male form's strength for more speed.


Ranma obtained a female form following an unfortunate training trip to China, where he and his father traveled to Jusenkyo, a legendary training ground of magically-cursed springs of water, located within the Bayan Har mountain range. Ranma first witness one of the springs transforming its bather, that being Genma, into a giant panda, and was in short order smacked into a spring which give him a female form.


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