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Ranto Kirigakure (Japanese: 霧隠 ラント Kirigakure Ranto) is a character that first appears in Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind as an antagonist. However, as time goes on, he begins to side more with the YSP club over things. 

He is a second-year student that attends Y-Academy applying with a scholarship, and is also the Student Council President of Y-Academy as well as the founder and leader of the UFO Research Club. Ranto Kirigakure also owns the Alien Watch, which makes him transform into the Yo-kai Heroes Mist Shadow or DS Galaxy


Physical Traits

Ranto Kirigakure is a human with cyan eyes and fair skin. He has wavy black, mid-length hair with a folded ponytail by a hair clip and bangs brushed to the right almost covering his right eye. He wears a blue Y-Gakuen jacket with a green interior and sleeve cuffs and a red Y-Gakuen Student Council band on his left arm, blue pants with a white button-up shirt, black shoes with white bottoms and a lime green hourglass-like design on the center of his shoes.


When he was younger, respectively at around 7 years old, he showed a particular interest in space and UFOs, with his room being dotted with posters of them. Even after his parents and his younger sister Marina got abducted by Grey Agents, Ranto still seemed to maintain his interest in space and UFOs, and his also the founder and leader of the UFO Research Club.


Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu

In the anime

Prior Events

Ranto Kirigakure

One day when Ranto's family were driving on the mountain roads, they noticed a flying circular object in the sky and stopped their car to look at it, before they were suddenly blinded by a light.

Some time later, Ranto had taken an interest in UFOs after seeing a light in the sky look just like one he found in a magazine, but started to notice that his parents were disappearing into a silhouetted corpse of themselves after a mysterious alien seemingly captured them.

The police was even called to the inspect the scene, where nothing of valuable information was found but some more time later, Ranto's younger sister ended up getting captured as well, but this time he had seen the culprit. Just when he was about to get kidnapped, he was saved by a mysterious being who fought it off. Ever since the incident, Ranto had sworn revenge on the aliens ever since.

A few years before he enrolled in Y-Academy, Ranto met with several people to collect information about UFOs in hopes of getting back at the aliens he encountered. He went out of his way to form a street gang to catch a thief so reporter Kimura Yousuke could provide him with information with him, in exchange for making a comeback news scoop. Ranto also met with Kumako Kumoike and suggests that she should make a watch that transforms user into a hero, judging from the shape-shifting power of device he found at the UFO site.


Though Ranto doesn't appear in the film, he briefly appears as a silhouetted cameo while Sandayu explains about the school council. He appears again fully, at the post-credits scene that tease the series.

Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind

Ranto first appears in YG002, where he notices some members of the YSP Club passing by. As the student council body president, he formally explains to them about Free Style Time before asking them about what they're doing. Despite their excited responses from Sandayu and Jinpei, he doesn't fully approve of the school club's premise and warns about disbanding them if they aren't of any proper use. However, later in the series, respectively in YG023, Ranto seems to warm up a bit to the YSP Club and sometimes asks them for assistance.

In YG035, while shielding the other Student Council Members as DS Galaxy from one of Elzemekia's attacks, Ranto is unfortunately killed in the process.

In YG037, he is still alive.


  • You must be... a Super cool Person! Alive person Yeah Come on! (Japanese: ヤバいくらいに しめかもパーソン!生きてたパーソン イエイ カモン! Yabai kurai ni shime ka mo pāson! Iki teta pāson iei kamon!)



  • His voice actor also portrays Lord Ananta from the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside series.
  • His favorite food is Calorie Charge. 
  • He is the first Yo-kai Watch Jam character to have the anime reveal his immediate family.

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