Today's Yo-Kai Dictionary

The segment intro in the Japanese version.

Recap Time, known in Japan as Today's Yo-kai Medallium (Japanese: きょうの妖怪大辞典 Kyō no Yōkai Dai-jiten) is an omake-esque corner which appears at the end of each episode after the ending sequence. It features the Yo-kai Medals of the Yo-kai which appeared in the episode, with a humoresque description of one or more of them starring Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan. Recap Time stopped when Shadowside aired and replaced by Akinori's Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Trivia.

Season 1

Season 1 Dub

Episode Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
001 Dismarelda, Happierre, Jibanyan Nate mentions that he met Happierre and Dismarelda. Jibanyan then appears but gets hit by a truck as he tries to remind everyone of his own appearance. Whisper warns the audience against doing it themselves.
002 Walkappa, Tattletell During the visual segment as Whisper explains her, Tattletell latches onto Nate's head revealing that he made a "No. 2" in the boys' room. Tattletell jumps off Nate just as he feels embarrassed about spilling the beans.
003 Manjimutt, Noko, Roughraff Whisper is confused because he thinks that Nate never met Noko. Nate tries to change the subject by talking about Roughraff but Whisper insists on asking about Noko. Meanwhile, Manjimutt is confronted by Roughraff as a crowd of Nokos fills up the screen around them. Annoyed, Manjimutt concludes the Recap by yelling for it to stop already.
004 Hungramps, Wazzat When Whisper tries to explain Wazzat, the Yo-kai bites his head making him forget what he was going to say. Nate explains Wazzat in Whisper's place.
005 Illoo Whisper finds himself in an illusion where a more humanoid version of himself receives a present from a girl who is actually a cat in reality. Nate then explains Illoo.
006 Blazion, Negatibuzz, Signibble When Whisper explains Blazion and his powers, he becomes Inspirited in the process. An excited Whisper tries to get Nate excited as well but Nate ignores him.
007 Komasan Whisper teaches everyone how to talk like Komasan with Nate reluctantly joining in.
008 Fidgephant, Hidabat Whisper talks about Fidgephant's powers when the Yo-kai in question lands on Nate and drowns Whisper in the water from his trunk resulting in Whisper rushing into a public portable toilet, bringing out a sign telling everyone to tune in next time.
009 Komajiro, Cadin, Robonyan Robonyan explains himself as he plugs in to charge his batteries draining away the power in at least half of North America (Japan in the original) as Nate and Whisper panic. He then appears to sink beneath a lake of molten metal stating he will return in a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
010 Buhu, Shogunyan Whisper and Nate hope Shogunyan learned his lesson. Shogunyan is seen trying to cut a training dummy into pieces, but instead of slicing the hay he dices Whisper into quarters.
011 Spenp, Noway Nate and Whisper are tied to a bunch of explosives. He tries to get help from Whisper but he has become Inspirited by Noway and refuses. The TNT explodes and Whisper again warns the audience not to try such things alone.
012 Cheeksqueek Whisper explains Cheeksqueek. During a baseball game Cheeksqueek lands on Nate forcing him to cut the cheese in front of Bear and Eddie. This severely drops his confidence and makes him miss the ball.
013 Chatalie, Yo-kai Dancers (Wiglin, Steppa, Rhyth) Whisper was dancing with Wiglin, Steppa and Rhyth while Nate was doing his homework. Whisper asks Nate to join in much to his frustration.
014 Dimmy, Dazzabel While Nate was looking up Dimmy on Whisper's Yo-kai Pad, Dimmy ends up Inspiriting Whisper and Jibanyan. Nate dismisses Dimmy as lame upsetting the three Yo-kai.
015 Babblong When Whisper was talking about Babblong said Yo-kai interrupted him and Whisper slapped him for doing so. Nate then silently cries telling Whisper he should take his own advice.
016 Peppillon, Drizzle, Mirapo Whisper talks about Peppillon and gets excited about the Yo-kai protection charm he purchased which protects people from being Inspirited. Nate points out that Whisper has already fallen victim to Peppillon's effects.
017 Cynake, Rockabelly Whisper, Nate and Jibanyan talk about Rockabelly. The four of them do a belly dance until Whisper crashes into the screen. Nate says it is enjoyable compared to other forms of dancing.
018 Kyubi Kyubi spots a beautiful woman in a café, however it turned out to be Whisper disgusting both Kyubi and Nate.
019 Baku Baku makes Whisper dream that he is really, really tall but Nate is unimpressed.
020 Dandoodle Dandoodle states that he is a legend and he makes everything around him fabulous even though Nate and Whisper think he's gross while answering the call of nature.
021 Insomni, D'wanna Whisper and Nate are sleeping and Insomni uses her powers to keep Whisper up but fails as Whisper says he's still tired. Insomni tries again repeatedly, causing Whisper to whine for "5 more minutes!" This ends up waking Nate who asks Whisper to keep quiet.
022 Duchoo, Coughkoff, Ake, Payn In a segment similar to the previous recap, while Nate and Whisper were sleeping Duchoo falls on the latter and causes him to feel like he has a cold. In response to this Jibanyan says Duchoo himself is unable to give anyone true sickness. Whisper continues insisting otherwise, and Nate snaps at Whisper telling him to knock it off.
023 Grubsnitch, B3-NK1 An Inspirited Whisper and Grubsnitch snack on Nate's food as Whisper suggests Grubsnitch is a fun Yo-kai to have around. Nate gets mad after he realizes the two Yo-kai have eaten all of his food.
024 Tengloom, Tengu While Nate talks about Tengloom Whisper was Inspirited by him and bemoaned his uselessness as a Yo-kai butler. Nate and Jibanyan then casually agree upsetting Whisper.
025 None Whisper, Nate and Jibanyan are recapping the latter's story as Rudy. Nate is amazed that Jibanyan had such a history as Whisper admits that the episode was a tearjerker. Nate asks Whisper if he has any secrets. He doesn't reveal them with Nate responding in kind.
026 Peckpocket, Espy Whisper gets his Yo-kai Pad snatched by Peckpocket. He chases after him before crashing into a wall. Nate says he already knows Whisper's cover before a boulder crashes on him as a pop culture reference to the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes.

Season 2 Dub

Episode Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
027 Jibanyan Z Medals (Nyext, Nyaight, Victory) Nate is unimpressed that the only new Yo-kai Medals he got were of only Jibanyan. He tries out the new medals and realizes Jibanyan poses differently for each one (Nyext, Nyaight and Victory). Jibanyan ends up exhausted from the consecutive summonings.
028 Boyclops, PallysolLady Longnek After being passed up by three of the Classic Yo-kai in favor of Jibanyan, Whisper tries to pose as a Next HarMEOWny fan so they can hang out again but they reject him saddening Whisper. (In the original audio Whisper tried to bribe them with NyaKB memorabilia but they already had it.)
029 Swelton, Slicenrice, Brokenbrella Swelton and Slicenrice open up a salty rice ball shop and give Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan a free sample. Although the three of them are initially disgusted, they end up under the effects of Swelton's "looking good" mode.
030 Pandle, So-Sorree Whisper tries to explain So-Sorree but Jibanyan ignores him with an insincere apology due to being Inspirited by the Yo-kai. Offended, Whisper scolds Jibanyan but ends up hitting Nate with his Yo-kai Pad. Whisper sincerely apologizes to him but an angry Nate still retaliates.
031 Directator While being interviewed Directator is asked how he thinks the movie turned out. Underneath the table, the "studio executive" Mr. Batham gives Directator the okay signal and Directator says he thinks the movie is perfect. Nate, Jibanyan and Whisper are watching a video of the interview which has 12 likes and 9,999 dislikes and take notice of Mr. Batham's true role in the big picture.
032 Lie-in Heart Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan and Fidgephant are waiting in line for the bathroom. Lie-in Heart exits and influences Jibanyan into saying it's not time yet and Whisper smacks Jibanyan telling him to go already.
033 Papa Windbag, Faux Kappa Papa Windbag Inspirits Nate making him brag about his skills at soccer and video games, but he admits he's only average. Whisper and Jibanyan comment on how pointless the bragging was.
034 Yoodooit, Enerfly, Enefly Whisper asks the viewers if Enerfly or Enefly Inspirited Nate today in the form of a quiz question. However, he realizes that he can't find his Yo-kai Pad and panics. Jibanyan ends up answering with Enefly.
035 Cricky Nate, Jibanyan and Whisper get Inspirited by Cricky making them sleep wrong and get cricks in their necks. Whisper even ends up bending into the shape of the number seven.
036 Heheheel Whisper asks Nate and Jibanyan a trick question by holding Croonger and Urnaconda's pots and making them guess which pot Heheheel is hiding in. However, Nate and Jibanyan start to laugh at Whisper angering him while Heheheel's actual pot lies behind and Inspirits them.
037 Terrorpotta, Nekidspeed Whisper is scared of a bungee jump claiming that Terrorpotta's influence is making him nervous, though Jibanyan ends up pushing him off anyway. As Whisper screams while bungee jumping, Nate points out Whisper had nothing to worry about given that he can fly.
038 Verygoodsir While Nate is fishing Whisper decides to throw Verygoodsir's Yo-kai Medal into the ocean but Nate and Jibanyan spots him before he could do it.
039 Failian, Spoilerina Spoilerina dances on-screen claiming that the following episode will reveal who the most popular Yo-kai is. Whisper dances as well dressed in a ballerina's outfit declaring that it's going to be him much to the dismay of Nate and Jibanyan.
040 Count Zapaway While Nate, Jibanyan and Count Zapaway watch television, Whisper bursts into the room and tries looking for the remote. Jibanyan reveals that the remote is in his possession, but Whisper continues searching while freaking out until Jibanyan sends him flying.
041 Shmoopie, Yoink In a spa, Whisper scrubs Shmoopie's back while asking him to lend him his power. Shmoopie refuses, instead using his power so Whisper can't get mad at him while Nate and Jibanyan watch on in annoyance.
042 Dracunyan Nate was scared he was going to become a Dracunyan but Whisper and Jibanyan reassure him it was just a dream. The three of them share a laugh only to somehow become Dracunyans without being bitten.
043 Elder Bloom Elder Bloom possesses Nate while Whisper and Jibanyan tell him to snap out of it only to get possessed as well.
044 Mimikin Nate and Jibanyan imitate Whisper horribly in front of Mimikin, Robonyan, Roughraff and Whisper himself. Whisper objects them for cheating through Jibanyan's use of a Yo-kai Pad, but the mimickers slyly agree.
045 Thornyan, Sandmeh Nate, Whisper and Thornyan are strapped to a bomb much like in EP011's recap. Thornyan ends up sneezing at the bomb which defuses it but unleashes a storm of his spikes which all hit Whisper.
046 Supoor Hero, Poofessor Poofessor prepares to plant some of his trivia poo onto Nate, but Whisper butts in and begins spouting all kind of trivia to Nate about the Legendary Yo-kai for hours. By nightfall, Nate and Poofessor are bored out of their minds.
047 None Jibanyan teaches Nate about Nonuttin, describing his past with Shogun Waitington as interesting but Nonuttin as lame much to Whisper's displeasure.
048 Mochismo Whisper says Mochismo dances like a tough guy but he dances cutely, making Whisper look bad.
049 Ol' Saint Trick Ol' Saint Trick hides Whisper in one of his sacks and asks for a volunteer to guess which one Whisper is in. Whisper tries to volunteer, but Nate's mom walks by. Thinking that the sacks are garbage bags, she ends up giving them to the garbage truck to be driven away. Nate, Jibanyan and Ol' Saint Trick all sweatdrop at this, and the former two wish the viewers a "Merry Christmas".
050 Washogun, Brushido, Venoct Nate remarks how mysterious Venoct is. Whisper says that he should be able to crack his secrets by trying to talk casually to the slippery Yo-kai only to be flung away. Nate ends it by commenting they should ask later.
051 Pandanoko, Cutta-nah Whisper explains Pandanoko as the Yo-kai in question drives by in a car, clearly enjoying his newfound popularity and inviting the group for lunch. Dismayed, Jibanyan argues that the popularity should have been his.
052 Drizzelda, Ray O'Light, Jumbelina Nate tries to impress Katie with a new face granted to him by Jumbelina, but to his dismay Katie's face has been swapped with Whisper's, literally freezing him in shock. Jibanyan remarks on this, revealing himself to have Katie's face.
053 Dromp, Leadoni Jibanyan is walking to a Next HarMEOWny concert and hopes out loud that Dromp doesn't place him where he doesn't want to be. Predictably, he ends up transported to a faraway mountain and Whisper calls Jibanyan out for jinxing himself.
054 Furdinand Furdinand says he has changed his ways - instead of giving people luxurious hairstyles he gives Whisper and Jibanyan mustaches.
055 None Whisper tries to get Nate to notice that he's received a box of Valentine's Day chocolates from someone, but Nate points out that Whisper bought it for himself.
056 Wantston, Pupsicle Whisper appears to be studying hard while Wantston watches. Nate and Jibanyan express surprise at this and Whisper muses that Wantston has made them jealous of his hardworking traits which Nate calls him out on.
057 Daiz Nate and Whisper go over what is safe to call Daiz but Daiz still gets annoyed at the two of them.
058 Gimme, Tublappa Gimme steals Whisper's black mask-like mark in between his eyes and Nate finds it in his breakfast.
059 Suspicioni, Master Oden Whisper asks Nate if he values him as a butler as he leaves on a train with Suspicioni being the reason why he asked. He gets a call from Nate who says no.
060 Toiletta, Copperled Copperled Inspirits Nate and Jibanyan and they tell Whisper to sharpen his head and be box-shaped but the latter says he looks creepy.
061 Enduriphant, Wydeawake Enduriphant makes Whisper resist using his Yo-kai Pad.
062 Infour Jibanyan draws extra eyes on Infour, scaring Whisper and confusing Infour.
063 Snartle Whisper and Snartle try searching for little brats but to no avail.
064 Bruff, Dummkap Jibanyan becomes inspirited by Dummkap and the cat erases Whisper.
065 Cuttincheez Cuttincheez makes Jibanyan fart and stink up Nate's room.
066 Gnomey, Lafalotta Nate is trying to open a packet but Whisper warns him that it's dangerous and says Gnomey will do it, but he turns out to be napping much to Whisper's dismay.
067 Goldenyan, Shadow Venoct Nate and Whisper hide from Shadow Venoct while Jibanyan opens the door making him disappear, and causing them to freak out as he enters the house.
068 Negasus Nate, under the influence of Negasus lets out a fart, cups it in his hand and places it on a sleeping Whisper's face. Whisper then comments on Nate's recent change of behavior before passing out in disgust.
069 Mynimo, Grumples, Everfore Katie whacks Nate with a hammer lots of times but he just say that he's alright under Mynimo's Inspiriting while Whisper explains the Yo-kai.
070 Wotchagot Wotchagot's influence on Whisper causes him to sneak a bite from a dog's food bowl only to get bitten by the angry dog.
071 Count Cavity Whisper, Count Cavity and Jibanyan are in Nate's mouth causing a cavity while he's napping. Nate's mom reminds him to watch his dental care more often.
072 Greesel, Bowminos, No-Go Kart Nate is having trouble remembering where the boys' restroom is thanks to No-Go Kart. He incorrectly goes for the red door much to the dismay of Whisper and Jibanyan.
073 Irewig, Mermaidyn, Gush Nate fishes up something that turns him into stone. Whisper asks him what he fished up and got turned into stone too. Mermaidyn then says that it's her friend before getting turned to stone as well before Mermaidyn has a chance to explain who it is and her friend returns to the depths.
074 Robonyan F Robonyan F shows one of his new features, but it was not impressive. He then leaves much to the dismay of Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan.
075 Shrook, Chansin Whisper and Nate announced a challenge for Chansin, and when Chansin was ready Nate couldn't blow and accidentally farted.
076 Rawry Rawry makes a gang and rides off to make noise leaving Baddinyan in the dust.

Season 2

Season 3 Dub

Episode Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
077 Usapyon Usapyon introduces himself to the audience but is interrupted by Hailey Anne.
078 Cornfused Cornfused Inspirits Nate making him "a-mazed and cornfused" at Jibanyan's backstory. Whisper chases Cornfused away but Nate and Jibanyan pretend to still be inspirited by him about Whisper being a Yo-kai butler, enraging him.
079 Swosh Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan climb on Swosh's head and try to make him angry to no avail. Swosh then scratches his head crushing the boys.
080 Statiking Nate, Jibanyan and Statiking are in Nate's room. Whisper asks Statiking to load his Yo-kai Pad but charges him too much so he electrocutes everyone in the room.
081 Rhinoggin, Beetler, Swelterrier, Blizzaria Rhinoggin and Beetler try to headbutt each other but stab Whisper with their horns.
082 Pittapatt Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan try to get home. Nate exclaims that Pittapatt is coming after them. They try to run faster but Pittapatt runs past and beats them, upsetting Whisper.
083 None Jibanyan and Robonyan F go to the Himalayas because Jibanyan says a frozen Chocobar is the best. He then asks Blizzaria to freeze his Chocobar, but she turns it into ice and Jibanyan starts chewing on it anyway.
084 Scritchy Scritchy tries to get blood from Nate while he is sleeping but misses and gets crushed by Nate.
085 Pride Shrimp Nate takes pride in not losing, but his cloud disappears and he falls.
086 Papa Bolt, Mama Aura, Frazzel Katie styles her hair like Mama Aura much to a Frazzel-Inspirited Nate's dismay. When she finds out he doesn't like it, Papa Bolt inspirits her and she gets angry.
087 Timidevil, Puppiccino Jibanyan asks Nate to summon him because he's scared to walk down the stairs, embarrassing Whisper.
088 Whapir, Sumodon Jibanyan and Sumodon are about to have a sumo match, but the lights go out and Sumodon is eaten by Hungramps.
089 Mistank, Slumberhog, Snortlehog Nate and Whisper will run with Jibanyan and Mistank as referees, but Mistank shoots them and they do other exercises instead.
090 Lazy Sundae, Flushback Nate doesn't remember a name, so Jibanyan worries. Whisper asks Flushback to help him and Nate remembers Whisper's name making him falter because he was forgotten.
091 Song Medals Whisper attempts to form a group with Illoo, Greesel and Yoodooit but to no avail.
092 Putasockinit, Rinsin Repete Jibanyan will eat meat and Nate, under Putasockinit's Inspiriting talks to him about not having to eat because he's dead, but Jibanyan does it anyway.
093 Momonyan and his attendants (Puppynyan, Chimpanyan, Pheasanyan) Momonyan and his attendants prepare to find and slay an Oni only to retreat into a hut when it gets cold outside, raising Whisper's ire.
094 OMGator, Buchinyan Whisper and Jibanyan fuse but shocks Nate as it's not Buchinyan. The recap ends with OMGator screaming "Oh My Gator!".
095 Rocky Badboya, Buttered Blue Nate tries to kick a soccer ball, but it hits him and he says that was expected.
096 DisliKing Whisper is sad he is not a good butler and Nate makes matters worse by saying he doesn't expect much from Whisper anyway.
097 Lil Kappa Lil Kappa mistakes Nate's mom as using a record turntable when she is actually drying dishes to the dismay of Nate and Whisper.
098 Mark Orckerberg, T. Energison Nate asks T. Energison to turn on the lights using his electricity. T. Energison attempts to do so but simply ends up flipping the light switch. Nate still thanks him, but the angry Whisper annoyingly questions it.
099 Statikid Statikid pranks Nate and Jibanyan when they touch the door knob and get shocked. He tries to prank Whisper but much to his dismay Whisper flies through the door.
100 None Nate asks Jibanyan if he was practicing. Jibanyan performs his Paws of Fury and misses Nate but sends Whisper flying.
101 House Partay Whisper asks Nate and Jibanyan if they want to party. They don't want to which makes Whisper sad.
102 Kittylumbus, Columbakat Nate, under Kittylumbus' Inspirting is doing nothing. Whisper asks how he'll get out if he just rolls around and Nate just moves like a worm, making Whisper scream.
103 Throne Wiper Whisper inspects Throne Wiper's toilet paper collection. He is impressed and compliments him, but Nate and Jibanyan are not.
104 Crook-a-doodle Nate and Whisper do not fall for another of Crook-a-doodle's fake medals but they still fall for the others. Jibanyan remarks that the TV show he is watching is nonsensical.
105 Salty Bacon Salty Bacon is waiting to become angered. However, as soon as he says this out loud the cake is finished, delighting Nate and Whisper to Salty Bacon's befuddlement at getting annoyed over them doing nothing.
106 Nummskull Whisper remarks Nate is broken since he could not remember Nummskull was from the Tough tribe. Nate puts on a ballerina suit which is completely weird to Jibanyan.
107 Mr. Blockhead Nate hopes what he is studying becomes an out of control rumor, but Whisper is cleaning his Yo-kai Pad and Mr. Blockhead and Jibanyan are napping to Nate's dismay.
108 Chicken Chukket Nate and Whisper use him as a ventriloquist dummy.
109 Got It Maid Nate asks Got It Maid to throw out a tissue and Whisper tells Nate to do it himself which angers Nate into telling Got It Maid to throw Whisper out.
110 Impass, Mister Sandmeh Nate and Jibanyan are waiting in line for the bathroom. Nate attempts to get Impass out of a porta-potty but it was no use, upsetting Nate and Whisper.
111 Oh Bah Gah! Whisper gets Oh Bah Gah!'s name right causing Nate and Jibanyan to overcelebrate, making Whisper confused.
112 Nautaloss Nate asks Furdinand to get his hair back, but he didn't know Furdinand now makes mustaches to Nate's dismay.
113 Great Commander Yo-kai Medals (Jibanyan Liu Bei, Komasan Sun Ce, Komajiro Son Ken, Whisper Kongming) Jibanyan Liu Bei constantly slices Whisper Kongming in half with his sword.
114 Slippup, Snippity Cricket
115 Why Naant
116 Repossessor Jibanyan scolds Nate and Whisper for their horrible acting skills causing them to be eaten by Repossessor.
117 Hot Air Buffoon, Pergushin Pergushin takes photos of Whisper but they get ruined by computer graffiti, angering Whisper.
118 Greengramps Nate and Jibanyan are putting the trash in recycling bundles, but they also pack in Whisper.
119 Speedemountain Nate attempts to save Jibanyan, who is climbing a mountain but Speedemountain runs over Jibanyan causing the latter to fall, embarrassing Nate.
120 None Whisper talks about Snottle but still gets annoyed at Snottle picking his nose.
121 T-Wrecks
122 Oh Wheel As Roughraff is getting away with stealing cash, Nate tells Oh Wheel to speed up but he somehow crashes making Nate and Jibanyan say ”Oh Wheel” angering Whisper.
123 Humtea Jumtea
124 Horizontail
125 Sighborg Y, Nervous Rex
126 Legsit Nate and Jibanyan are scared of Legsit but see him do Jibanyan's Victory pose in an emergency exit sign. They comment in relief and mock him to the dismay of Legsit and Whisper.


128 Demandi
129 Zest-a-Minute
130 Tomnyan and additional Dream Medals (Jibanyan, Komasan, Komajiro, Blizzaria, Hidabat, Walkappa, Manjimutt, Mirapo, Blazion, Shmoopie, So-Sorree) Whisper talks about Tomnyan, but Tomnyan continuously interrupts him angering Whisper.
131 Professor Plumage
132 BBQvil Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan are enjoying BBQvil's BBQ meat kebabs, but BBQvil burns Whisper on the grill.
133 Ponderoo
134 Twirly Pie Nate, Whisper and Twirly Pie bang their heads, embarrassing Jibanyan.
135 Bitter Batter
136 Slippy
137 Whirlweasel
138 Shipshape Sailor, El Gutso
139 Tomorrow Gal

Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan and Tomorrow Gal attempt to cheer up Nate's mom, but to no avail.

140 Krystal Fox
141 Mython, Chilled Cowcao Nate changes clothes really fast, but Whisper and Mython are unimpressed, much to Nate's dismay.
142 Cue-Tee, Rhumbastiltskin Cue-Tee makes Whisper do things at his own will.
143 Lappinitup Whisper wins multiple awards, causing Nate and Jibanyan to weep.
144 Flumpy, Flocktopus Whisper is under Flocktopus' Inspiriting so Nate, Jibanyan, Komasan, Komajiro and Robonyan F are fighting for him, making him feel happy, but this was only a dream.
145 Chummer, Wakarunner
146 Ben Tover, Flippit
147 Terminyanator, Grumpus Khan
148 In-Tune, Petty-Cake Whisper and Jibanyan try to tell Nate school is closed, but the latter ignores them. When Nate learns they were right he gets shocked and embarrassed.
149 Snitchin, Who-Me
150 None

Season 3

Episode Featured Yo-kai Synopsis
151 Decidevible Decidevible has trouble deciding what to eat, embarrassing Nate and Jibanyan.
152 None Nate uses the Yo-kai Bazooka to fire Whisper at the screen.
153 Imagenius Imagenius Inspirits Nate but he has trouble relaxing, embarrassing Whisper and Jibanyan.
154 Push Pup The guys are at a restaurant with Push Pup. Nate and Jibanyan hit a button for service, but nothing happens. Whisper hits it rapidly and breaks it.
155 Gilgaros, Love-Torn Nate stitches his pants together but accidentally stitches Whisper's tail into it as well.
156 Gabby, Kuroi Jibanyan, Kuroi Komasan, Kemushi-Otoko Whisper (disguised as Steve Jobs) talks about Gabby but she whacks him when he starts to read about her on his Yo-kai Pad.
157 Skulleidoscope
158 Sigh-Durr Nate, Jibanyan and Sigh-Durr misfire and hit Whisper, embarassing him.
159 Camellia
160 City Licker Nate attempts to impress Katie with his new stylish clothing but fails.
161 Misterr Typoo Nate tells Misterr Typoo to change the Whisper's name to just a line (ー), causing the latter to become too skinny thus raising Nate and Jibanyan's amusement and Whisper's ire.
162 None
163 Slackoon
164 None Jibanyan B and Komasan B are about to shoot Blizzie, but she says she dislikes how dirty the lair is so they clean the lair fast and fearfully.
165 None
166 Goofball, Slugger
167 Snidewinder, Castelius I, Castelius II, Castelius III


169 Maginyan Maginyan enters Nate's house but is whacked by Nate's mom.
170 Shedwin

Nate and his father find hair in their food and think it came from his mom, only to discover that Shedwin has made the fish hairy.

171 Faysoff

Whisper talks to Faysoff if he is related to Boyclops, but he laughs. Whipser mistakes it for an offence look while nate and Jibanyan say its is hard to tell.

172 Judgebrick Nate is going to buy a new action figure but Judgebrick gets in his way, then Nate gets mad at Judgebrick making the Yo-kai let him pass.
173 Stinkeye

Stinkeye makes Nate's room stinkier and stinkier.

174 Amplifly, The Last Nyanmurai

Nate waits for his mother for a parent teacher conference, hoping his mother wears nothing gaudy. Fortunately, she doesn't but Mr .Johnson , while being inspirited by Amplifly, wore a gaudy outfit, much to nate's displeasure.

175 Lord Shrillington
176 Reuknight, Percrushionists

The Percrushionists flatter Whipser, but he gets mad at them when they say he is better than the classic yo-kai trio.

177 Time Keeler, Life-is-Parfait

Nate and whisper dance with Life-Is-Parfait, but when they mention about being carefree about NOT flushing the toilet, Jibanyan jumps in front of the screen and says, just flush the toilet.

178 Treetter, Retreeter Whisper is chatting on his Yo-kai Pad with Treetter.
179 Treasure Medals (Jibanyan T, Komasan T, Indiana Jaws, Meopatra) Indiana Jaws talks about his history.
180 D-Stroy
181 Bumblejack
182 Re-Q-Perate, Tenguriginal
183 Zomboy
184 Ooze Zat
185 Nyanses II, Fitwit Jibanyan T and Komasan T talk about Nyanses II.
186 Urnfulfilled, Illuminoct, Shadow Venoct, Venoctbot
187 Gorgeous Ambassador, Damona Damona asks Cornfused and Poofessor about a meal, but they don't know. Later, she sees Sighborg Y but goes on much to the latter's dismay.
188 Grubbles Whisper smells bad thanks to Grubbles' Inspiriting so he takes off his skin, scaring Nate and Jibanyan.
189 Dozilla, Roughgraff


Frogetmenot makes Nate and Jibanyan read a few words known in posters, but makes Whisper read a tongue twister causing the latter's tongue to burn.
191 Yoganalisten
192 Darumacho
193 Tongus (Treasure Medal)


Lord Enma admits there was a winner in the Halloween contest, Cheeksqueek, but all he does is throw farts making him and Zazel disappointed.
195 Princess Pearl
196 Procrastino, Narcis II
197 Supyo, Armsman, Helmsman
198 Swaycorn, Eyesoar, Firewig, Scarasol
199 Zappadokia, Mademoaiselle (Error: There's a charming symbol on the back on this medal instead of a mysterious symbol.)
200 Hovernyan (Dream Medal)
201 Squandeer, J. Ne-Sais-Quoi
202 Komashura
203 Hurchin !
204 Rosetta Stone, Demuncher
205 Drenchetta
206 Doexcalibur, Blandon Whisper and Jibanyan tried to find where Nate is, they think it was the work of Blandon, but it's not cause Nate and Blandon were behind them.
207 Yoderusen
208 Touphant
209 Slurpent, Yocchaa, Arachnus, Toadal Dude
210 Comic Genieus
211 Snow Spect-hare, Herbiboy Snow Spect-hare interviews herself, but Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan were not interested.
212 Inflammaboy!
213 Sushiyama
214 None

Nate tells Whisper and Jibanyan the series ended, much to their shock.