Rinsin Repete (Japanese: たらいまわし Taraimawashi) is a Rank D, Earth-attribute Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.



Rinsin Repete appears as a humanoid Yo-kai with a greenish-bluish flame on its forehead and a purple body. He also has purple lips. It only wears a loincloth and spins a wheel around its body.

He can make people go on wild goose chases which is a pursuit of something unattainable. In this case it’s unattainable because he forces people to pass things on to another.


Game data

In the anime

Rinsin Repete first appears in Yo-kai Rinsin Repete, where he makes Nate go on a wild goose chase to find where some paperwork goes to. He is then revealed in the Springdale Elementary gym where he is challenged to spin a pool float, a square shaped piece of cardboard, a tiny donut, and then the Yo-kai Daiz. Daiz slowed him down and then made Rinsin Repete get spaced out and fall. He then gives Nate his medal and accidentally calls Daiz a sausage...

He appears again in EP128 where he asks Hailey and Usapyon for his help.


"Risin Repete" is a corruption of the phrase "Rinse and Repeat" describing a constant cycle.

"Taraimawashi" is a wordplay on taraimawashi (盥回し, acrobatic trick of spinning a washbasin on one's feet, but also "passing around, delegating".)


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of France French Rengainaël
Flag of Germany German Wiederwanne
Flag of Italy Italian Risciak
More Languages
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (European) Pete Repete
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