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Robomutt (Japanese: ロボメン犬 Robomenken) is a Rank B, Wind-attribute, Rare Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe.



As a robot version of Manjimutt, Robomutt is a mechanical dog robot with dull green metal ears, a metal build, and paws. He has white shades with having the right side bubbly blue with a medium blue pupil and the left a mix of red, blue, yellow, and green pixels (presumably to represent Manjimutt's half-shut left eye). Instead of ghosty flames, he has actual flames with the first coming out of his head and the second as the tail.



Yo-kai Watch 2

After scanning the QR Code for the Manjimutt Cog, Robomutt can be found at the leftmost side of Bayside Station.

Game Data



Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Chomp 45 Single Enemy
No description.
Technique Tornado 50 Wind Single Enemy
No description.
Inspirit Steel Power Single Enemy
The Inspirited Yo-kai's DEF gets a big boost due to steely robot power.
Soultimate Move Pooch a' Splode (Japanese: 自爆でスイマ千円 Jibaku de suima sen'en) 250 All Enemies
Explodes and damages all enemies and allies.
Skill Polarity
Builds STR as Soul Meter refills.


  • Befriended: "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!"
  • Loafing: "Oh, not again..."
  • Being traded: "*beep* *bloop* New friend? *beep* Perform trick? *beep*"
  • Receiving food (favourite): "Yum."
  • Receiving food (normal): "It's OK."
  • Receiving food (disliked): "Not impressed..."
  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai: "Stroke me... Stroke me... Stroke me..."
  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai (Blasters): "Pet me... Pet me..."


Name Origin

  • Robomenken literally means "Robot-faced Dog". "Robomutt" is the same but is a mash-up of "robot" and Manjimutt.
  • "Roböter" is a combination of "Roboter" (robot) and the derogatory word for a dog "Köter".
  • "Robocantonio" is a combination of "Robot" and "Cantonio" (Manjimutt).


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In other languages

  • Italian: Canombot
  • Spanish: Robocantonio
  • German: Roböter
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Sarnentobô
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