Roughraff (Japanese: グレるりん Gurerurin) is an Rank E, Earth-attribute Yo-kai of the Tough tribe and the Goriki tribe in Yo-kai Watch 4.

Roughraff evolves into Badude starting at Level 25, from Yo-kai Watch to Yo-kai Watch 3, Jibanyan evolves into Baddinyan when fused this Yo-kai, and as of Yo-kai Watch 3, can evolves into Roughgraff when fused with Starry Spangles.


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Roughraff's a green-skinned saurian Yo-kai with a short tail, large orange claws on his feet, a fairly muscular build, a pointed, curved mouth, a long red tongue, and orange markings surrounding his eyes and inner ears. His most notable trait is his large orange pompadour, giving him the appearance of a Japanese high school delinquent. He wears purple pants and white gauze around his waist.


He has an intimidating personality, in anime and games he has been seen as intimidating various yo-kai such as Komasan, and asks them for money, although he befriended Manjimutt and other rebellious yo-kais causing problems for Nathan, Jibanyan and Whisper in multiple  Sometimes, he also seems to be very brave but sometimes he seems somewhat shy and clueless with Yo-kais stronger than him.

Matching his delinquent-like appearance, Roughraff behaves in a very similar manner; he has little respect for others and tries to solve problems in a rough manner. In the anime, he attempted to mug Komasan, referring to him as a hillbilly; he also tried to fight Fidgephant, which only resulted in him getting inspirited by the elephant Yo-kai. When he got summoned by Nate Adams for the first time, he answered in a noticeably rude way of talking.

In spite of his negative qualities, he is able to develop respect for certain people, such as Manjimutt after their fist brawl; Peckpocket after a pick-pocketing contest, striking an odd friendship; Bruff after learning he acted just like him when he was young; Bowminos after learning that he's a tough and bad apologizing to Bowminos; Rawry, since they're both troublemakers; Oh Wheel after driving him recklessly without crashing him; and Blazion. Despite this, Roughraff's methods of rebellious behavior tend to be on the tame and petty side, with these attributes transferring onto those he possesses.

Roughraff has an odd phobia of hot waters, as seen when he was summoned by Nate to confront Sproink, which can be attributed to his lizard-like nature working against him.

In the English version of the anime, he has the accent of a greaser or biker, which caused Sproink to refer to him as such.

Roughraff's most notable ability revolves around his possession; he can bring out the rudeness in the people he possesses, causing them to act as delinquents. The effects don't wear off until Roughraff's defeated. In the anime, he did this to Eddie Archer.

He's also very fast, striking a motorbike driving like pose and running at high speeds when he's being chased. However, the only times Roughraff actually did this were in EP003 and EP122.

Roughraff's one of Nate's usual choice when he needs a tough Yo-kai. When summoned, Roughraff always answers him in a rough tone of talking. After befriending Peckpocket, he bluntly said to Nathan to not disturb him when causing mischief with the bird Yo-Kai. He was first summoned by Nate when Fidgephant was causing the boys at his school trouble, but Roughraff was quickly ensnared by the Yo-kai's power, causing him to wait in line. In EP072, EP076, EP122, it looked like Roughraff got annoyed by Nate summoning him.

Also, in the anime, Roughraff manages to earn the friendships of several Yo-kai, usually after confronting them. Roughraff forged a singular friendship with Peckpocket after he and Peckpocket continuously took each others stuff, they became friends. After Peckpocket befriended Nate, he and Roughraff left to hang out; became friends with Rawry, and he caused havoc in the neighborhood; quickly grew to respect Manjimutt after they'd battled, acknowledging his strength. He, alongside 10 other Yo-kai, fell to Bruff's 'Cool big bro'-like charms. Roughraff got annoyed by continuous apologies from Bowminos. In the end, he befriends him because of how tough and how bad Bowminos is. He was initially annoyed by Oh Wheel's carelessness, but he drives him carefully at a high speed and the two of them become friends. He bumped into Blazion and fought him. They beat each other up in a draw match. Roughraff liked how tough Blazion was and became his friend.


Yo-kai Watch

Roughraff appears in the Desolate Lane in Uptown Springdale, as well as the Catwalk. He also appears in the 1st and 2nd Circles of Infinite Inferno.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Roughraff can be only found by being selected as one of three Yo-Kai at the beginning of the game with the Select-A-Coin.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Roughraff can be found in the Secret Byway, the Tucked Away Lot and the Hidden Side Street.

Game data

Main series games data

Yo-kai Watch

Gurerurin YW1-016.png
Stats Calculation
This shows Roughraff's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Headbutt (Japanese: ヘッドバット) 55 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Pebble (Japanese: こいしの術 Koishi no Jutsu) 20 Earth Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Rebel Soul (Japanese: ツッパリ精神 Tsuppari seishin) Single enemy
Fails to fill a foe with a rebel's soul and lowers its DEF.
Soultimate Move Stare Down (Japanese: つっぱりメンチ Tsuppari menchi) 30 All enemies
Glares at its foes and lowers their SPD.
Skill Revenge (Japanese: しかえし Shikaeshi)
Reflects some Attack damage back to foe. *

Revenge does not trigger if the user is knocked out or is hit by Drain-attribute damage.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Blasters Stats

Yo-kai Watch 3

Blasters Stats

Yo-kai Watch 4

Attribute tolerance

Fire icon.PNG Ice icon.PNG Earth icon.PNG Lightning icon.PNG Water icon.PNG Wind icon.PNG
- - - -
Tolerance of attribute attack
Strong × ⇒ △ ⇒ - ⇒ ○ ⇒ ◎ weak

Held items


Spin-off games

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

Other games

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Roughraff Wib Wob.png
Stats Calculation
This shows Roughraff's stat on level: 50.
Soultimate Move
Stare Down
Strikes fear into the enemy and makes them drop items.
Other Effects
Soultimate Levels
LV01 Effect: 18pt
LV02 Effect: 25pt
LV03 Effect: 33pt
LV04 Effect: 40pt
LV05 Effect: 48pt
LV06 Effect: 55pt
LV07 Effect: 63pt
Skill Levels
LV01 Effect: N/A
LV02 Effect: N/A
LV03 Effect: N/A
LV04 Effect: N/A
LV05 Effect: N/A

Yo-kai Watch: Ukiukupedia


Earth Attribute
Gurerulin artwork.png
Level 25
Earth Attribute


Yo-kai Watch to Yo-kai Watch 3

Fire Attribute
Earth Attribute
Gurerulin artwork.png

Fire Attribute
Baddinyan Art.png

Yo-kai Watch 3

Earth Attribute
Gurerulin artwork.png
Starry Spangles
Earth Attribute
Brooklin Artwork.png


  • Befriended (Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble): "Heh. Tough guy, huh? I guess we could be buddies..."

In the anime

Main article: Roughraff (anime)


  • "Gurerurin" derives from gureru (グレる, "going delinquent, falling in with the wrong crowd").
  • "Roughraff" is a portmanteau of rough and riffraff.
  • In Spanish, "Rebelcebú" is a portmanteau of rebelde ("rebel") with Belzebú ("Beelzebub", used with the meaning of "hellcat, rogue").


Roughraff combines the stereotypical traits of Japanese delinquent youths, namely the flashy ducktail hairstyle, bare chest with a sarashi worn around the waist, and squatting position of someone hanging out in back alleys (called "yankee-zuwari" -ヤンキー座り- in Japanese), with the youkai called imori (written with the kanji for "gecko" but pronounced differently), geckos possessed by the souls of dead warriors that haunt castle ruins and will gang up on anyone coming through their territory.


Roughraff's Korean Medal artwork, without the Rising Sun symbol.

  • He is voiced by Brent Pendergrass.
  • Most of the Yo-kai Roughraff had befriended in the anime belong to the Eerie Tribe (Manjimutt, Peckpocket and Rawry).
  • In Yo-kai Watch video game, he has caused trouble for Nate and Whisper 6 times.
    • He stole Jibanyan's Photo of Amy.
    • He was blocking the Tucked Away Lot bike that Springdale Kids Detective Team used to hide their Detective Badge.
    • 2 Roughraffs accompany a Badude who is blocking the rare model kit.
    • 2 Roughraffs and 1 Badude were ruining Copperled's banquet preparations.
    • Although, Roughraff is required for the "No More Mr. Nice Kid" Request, he overdoes his bad boy inspiriting on Stephen. This makes him pick a fight with a fish at Jungle Hunter, stuff himself with candy, and go to the arcade and expect himself to get taken by the cops at the arcade
  • Roughraff is one of the few Yo-kai to get different Medal artwork in Korea.
  • He is the only Yo-kai to be summoned by Nate but defeated by him in the end.
    • In EP076, Nate summons him to confront Rawry, but he is defeated by Jibanyan after the two punks cause trouble together.
    • In the game, Nate summons him to turn Stephen into a hooligan, but he overdoes his inspiriting and he is defeated at the arcade.
  • Roughraff's "random" nicknames in Yo-kai Watch 2 are: Reyell, Gremlin, Pomp, and Greaser.
  • In EP124, it's revealed that Roughraff became a Yo-kai after a troublemaker's pompadour got cut off, and the delinquent energy manifested into a Yo-kai.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese グレるりん Gurerurin Play on グレる "gureru"
Flag of France.svg French Loubarbare
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Rebelcebú Portmanteau of rebelde ("rebel") and Belzebú ("Beelzebub")
Flag of Germany.svg German Rebelzebub Portmanteau of "rebel" and "Beelzebub"
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Malandro
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Бунтарио "rebelio" Rebel
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 타라락 Tararak
More Languages
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Arabic شنكل
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Chinese (Cantonese)* 古里裡林
Flag of the Republic of China.svg
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
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Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese (European) Delinquentin
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