Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

Fudou Myouou, Evil and Heaven (Japanese: 不動明王邪と天 Fudōmyōō Ja to Ten) is the 14th episode of the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime. It was broadcasted in Japan on July 6, 2018.


Fukurou offers to go and find out the true nature of the Yokai Detective Team’s new power, but Haruya calls him incompetent and leaves him behind, much to his chagrin. Around that time, Natsume and the others get word of where the Fudou Raimeiken is said to be, and visit a shopping mall. As they all brace themselves and push onwards, Keisuke has a terrifying hallucination of a masked zombie approaching and that hallucination soon becomes reality. Somehow they manage to flee from the zombie, and reach the food court, where Fukurou is. Moreover, one after another people get hit by Fukurou’s arrows, turning evil and attacking. The Yokai Detective Team summons Jibanyan and Komasan, barely managing to fight back. Then, Fukurou does something surprising.


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  • After the episode aired in Japan, Fukurou's apparent death became a trend on Twitter, averaging at around a thousand tweets.[1]
  • Touma was given the Youseiken Holder and Natsume was given the Youkai Arc Holder.
  • This episode debuts the Soranaki virus.


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