Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

A Beautiful Girl You only see every One Hundred Thousand Years (Japanese: 十万年にひとりの美少女 Jū man-nen ni hitori no bishōjo) is the 15th episode of the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime. It was broadcasted in Japan on July 13, 2018.


A beautiful girl is transferred into Touma’s class, her name is Himeno Ayame, and because of her candid personality, Ayame quickly becomes popular at school. Even at the Yokai Detective Team’s office, everyone’s talking about Ayame, when suddenly Akinori shouts: “She could be next!” On “Usuranura”, there are continuous posts about incidents of beautiful girls going missing. It seems that the girls who have disappeared where waiting to be scouted as idols at a certain place. To investigate, Natsume also waits to be scouted at that place, where someone claiming to be an Idol Producer called “Kamamoto Atsushi” appears, saying: “Any girl can become an idol with that hooot guidance, that is.” Natsume doubts there is a connection the beautiful girls disappearing, but she is turned into a small doll by Kamamoto and makes her idol debut!?





  • Ayame joins the Yokai Detective Agency.


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