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Yo-kai Watch Shadowside

Shadowside Christmas (Japanese: シャドウサイドクリスマス Shadousaido Kurisumasu) is the 36th episode of the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime. It was broadcasted in Japan on December 21, 2018.


All on his own, Akinori is preparing a surprise Christmas party, that will also celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Yo-kai Detective Team’s foundation. Akinori tries to casually get everyone to come over, but they all decline. Trying to cheer himself up, Akinori opens up Usuranura, where he finds a post about a “People-hanging Fir Tree”. Immediately, he goes to hear out the poster. According to him, the place in question is the Christmas display in front of the station. When he was looking at the tree with his little brother, an ornament with a child’s face on it suddenly fell from it, and dragged his brother into the tree. And not just that, apparently he could also hear an eerie song coming from that tree. In order to find out what’s behind this, Akinori heads to the station by himself.





  • The musical theme from M02 played on the flashback in Jibanyan's story is played in the Christmas celebrations montage in this episode.


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