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Sakura Motomachi (Japanese: さくら元町 Sakura-motomachi) is a city located in the Springdale region, where the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside series mainly takes place.

In Yo-kai Watch 4, it is known to be divided into four different explorable areas. The area can also be visited in the past, where Forever Friends takes place.

Contemporary History

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In the games


Sakuragi Hills

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Tatsumi-kawabata - North

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Tatsumi-kawabata - South

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Shin-motomachi Shopping Area

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  • It was once thought that Sakura Motomachi was Springdale in the future, but many explanations prove to be false such as Springdale suddenly having a different river and road layout which can take many years to renovate. It was also disproved when the setting name was revealed in a Japanese Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble event, and when M05 came out which takes place in the past of that aforementioned place which looks completely different from Old Springdale.
  • Though this area is never visited in the present, it can be briefly seen during the first scenes of M05, where it looks almost exactly like in the past except for some minor changes.