Sarah (Japanese: 林 サトコ Hayashi Satoko) is a minor character from Yo-kai Watch.


Sarah has short ink-colored hair with a pink flower pin. She wears a pink raincoat with white polka dots on the bottom. Underneath, there is a white dress. She also wears sandals with flowers on top.

While at school, she wears a red backpack.


She is a calm and respectful girl who is very kind towards those she cares about. She also loves to read fashion magazines.



They are friends, along with Chelsea. If Nate is chosen as the protagonist of Yo-kai Watch, she will play the role as the character to have a fight with Katie during a quest, and one must help them to make up and become friends again.


She and Sarah are good friends and are generally seen hanging out together in both the games and the anime series.


Yo-kai Watch anime

Yo-kai Watch (Game)

She plays a role in a quest mentioned above, when playing as Nate.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Sarah can be found inside the Settle In Bookstore, where she admits she's been spending her entire summer reading instead of going outside.

She also plays a role in an optional request along with Chelsea, which involves the player to take photographs of certain places of the past for their summer project.

Yo-kai Watch 3

She along with Chelsea can be found inside the Sunset Mall, where they discuss their new hobby: Music.


Sarah, in Hebrew and Arabic, means "Lady" and "Princess". Aside from Nate, Katie, Bear and Eddie, and Nate's parents, she is the human appearing the most in the show.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Puri
  • German: Biene
  • Italian: Sara
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