Shibumenken (Japanese: シブメン犬 Shibumenken), also known as Menkueater (Japanese: メンクイーター Menkuiitaa), is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Mononoke Tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

Although he claims to be Dandoodle 30 years later, it is unlikely they are the same character.


  • Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime: Minor Yo-kai


Shibumenken is an anthropomorphic beagle Yo-kai. He wears a light brown Sherlock Holmes-style suit and a hat that matches his suit.

In his Shadowside form, Menkueater is a monstrous beagle-like creature. His hat is gone, and his sleeves in his suit are torn. He has the head of a beagle, a dog-like snout, canine teeth, yellow eyes, and his skin is much of a darkish tone of brown.

In battle, Menkueater can steal faces from his victims in order to make himself handsome with his claw-like suckers.

In his youth, he used to be known as the Yo-kai Dandoodle, but as the years went on and he continued to age, he lost his handsomeness and became Shibumenken.



Shibumenken is a portmanteau of shibumen (Japanese: 渋メン), which unlike Ikemen (Japanese: イケメン "young, handsome guy"), refers to slightly older, more rugged-looking men, as well as Jinmenken (Japanese: 人面犬).

Menkueater is a portmanteau of (Japanese: 面食い Menkui), which literally means "face eater", referring to people only attracted to someone based on looks, as well as eater (Japanese: イーター Iitaa).


  • His human disguise looks very similar to Dandoodle's human self in the original series including having the exact same hairstyle.
  • It is currently unknown whether or not Shibumenken is alive in the anime, due to the fact that he was attacked by Jorogumo (Shadowside), who eats her victims.
  • There is a possibility that this is actually Manjimutt in 30 years. Some proof is the brown fur that he has.

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