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Shogunyan (Japanese: ブシニャン Bushinyan) is a Rank S, Wind-attribute Legendary Yo-kai of the Brave tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch.

As of Yo-kai Watch 4, Shogunyan is a Rank S Yo-kai of the Goriki Tribe.



Shogunyan is a dull, blue cat with a white face and big, black eyes. He has a tiny, dull, pink nose and gold inner-ear coloring. The tips of his paws are white. He wears a turquoise samurai hat on his head with a big, gold crescent moon on the centereand accenting of gold and a matching samurai armoru suit, an orange sphere attached to a collar, and an orange rope that holds his sword. His tail flames are gold. 

Unlike Jibanyan, Shogunyan is dignified but also a bit rash. He speaks in old dialect and ends his sentences with "de gozaru" in the Japanese version. Shogunyan takes his status as a samurai very seriously and hates it when others disrespect him. As seen in the anime, he got furious at Nate and Whisper for not sharing the cake he sliced up and attacked them. When he was young, he practiced his skills by slicing up katsuobushi. Since he couldn't find any in the present, he went berserk and sliced people's things.

Before disappearing or wandering off, Shogunyan bursts into tears after witnessing Nate and Whisper´s friendship and asks them to take care of his descendant Jibanyan.

In the anime, Whisper reveals that Shogunyan is one of Jibanyan's ancestor spirits.

Shogunyan says that he is looking for his ultimate rival. It is turned out that rival is actually Komashura.

Shogunyan is a spectacular sword fighter and, according to the Yo-kai Medallium bio in Yo-kai Watch 2, his "sword [is] so sharp it can even slice [his] description in two!"


As a Legendary Yo-kai, one must befriend/recruit the following Yo-kai first in order to undo his seal.

Yo-kai Watch

Mochismo Official Artwork
Castelius III Official Artwork
Mochismo Tattletell Castelius III Jibanyan
Dismarelda Official Artwork
Happierre Leadoni Dismarelda Draggie

Yo-kai Watch 2

Dismarelda Official Artwork
Mirapo Draggie Dismarelda Jibanyan
Baku Official Artwork
Buhu Official Artwork
Cadin Official Artwork
Baku Buhu Cadin Insomni

Yo-kai Watch 3

Toadal Dude Smogmella Jibanyan Hovernyan
Faux Kappa Official Artwork
Miradox Official Artwork
Baku Official Artwork
Faux Kappa Miradox Baku Arachnus

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Mirapo Draggie Jibanyan
Baku Official Artwork
Cadin Official Artwork
Baku Cadin Insomni

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Wondernyan Official Artwork
Warunyan YW1-030
Wondernyan Baddinyan Thornyan Jibanyan
Rubiinyan YW8-016
Robonyan YW1-023
Meronnyan YW6-022
Suikanyan YW6-021
Rubinyan Robonyan Melonyan Watermelnyan

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2

Merameraion YW1-002
Gabunyan YW5-017
Blazion Dracunyan Nyanses II Jibanyan
Emerarunyan YW2-019
Robonyan YW1-023
Fuyunyan EYW-001
Bundory Toranka
Emenyan Robonyan Hovernyan Toranka
Yo-Kai Watch Shogunyan Summoning (English) -Not pitched- ANIME

Yo-Kai Watch Shogunyan Summoning (English) -Not pitched- ANIME

Yo-kai Watch animation series

Season 1

First debuting in The Legend of Shogunyan, where Shogunyan was summoned when one of Nate's Medallium Seal Pages glowed and the seal on him was broken by his collected medals. Originally appearing as Jibanyan when summoned, he enters the closet (disturbing Hidabat while doing so) and then emerges as the legendary Yo-kai, though he is still believed to be Jibanyan in a disguise upon emerging. Immediately, he shows his ancestral tie to Jibanyan by taking a selfie of himself and reading his descendant's magazines. Following a showcase of his swordsmanship to Nate and Whisper, he is later offended when they do not offer him any of the cake he previously cut in thirds and attacks. Though he comically cuts Whisper in half, Nate's display of worry over his friend's safety touches him and he gives Nate his Medal. He then enters the closet again, bidding them farewell before Jibanyan emerges once again.

He is first summoned in Yo-kai Baku just to give Baku a legendary dream so that Nate's classmates will wake up.

Season 2

In Shogunyan Wants to Cut Hard Things, he goes on a rampage and slices things due to the fact there were no more of the stuff he likes to slice. Although he did help Buchinyan split back into Jibanyan and Whisper, Whisper ends up crashing into Shogunyan and they become Whisshogun, thus shocking Nate. It is unknown how Shogunyan and Whisper split apart because the episode soon ended.

Season 3

In Yo-kai Gojidatsujii, Shogunyan, along with other cats Yo-kai, were summoned all together due to Misterr Typoo's power changed the Robonyan F's Dream medal's name to 'Nyan'. Unfortunately, shortly after Misterr Typoo running away for his life, Nate accidentally said that he summoned all of them for nothing, thus unintentionally upsets the cat Yo-kai and this led to them proceed to beat up Nate and Whisper as the episode ends. During this end scene, Shogunyan is one of those Yo-kai who didn't weld a shinai (a type of bamboo-made katana made for practicing kendo.) while beating up Nate and Whisper and in his case, he is seen wielding his sword instead.

Yo-kai Watch the Movie: Lord Enma and the Five Tales, Nyan!

Shogunyan appears as a supporting Yo-kai during Episode 2: Jibanyan's Brilliant Strategy, alongside Jibanyan and Robonyan F.

One scene involves Jibanyan as Jetnyan, alongside Robonyan F's help, to push a heavy cart Amy was trying to push, with Shogunyan offering help in spirit, though Jetnyan put too much power into the thrusters, causing the cart to fly through the aisles. Shogunyan helped to clear a blockage on the path Jetnyan and Robonyan F were guiding Amy through.

Game data


Wind Attribute
Bushinyan YW2-007
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Wind Attribute
Bushinyan YW2-007
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Bushinyan YW2-007
Stats Calculation
This shows Shogunyan's stat on level: 99.

Attribute Tolerance

Fire icon Ice icon Earth icon Lightning icon Water icon Wind icon
- - - -
Tolerance of attribute attack
Strong × ⇒ △ ⇒ - ⇒ ○ ⇒ ◎ weak


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Lightning Slash (Japanese: 閃光ぎり Senkō Giri) 20-44x3 (YW1-2)
24x3 (YW3)
Single enemy
No description.
Technique Storm (Japanese: 嵐の術 Arashi no Jutsu) 80-120 (YW1-2)
70-112 (YW3)
Wind Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Heart of a Warrior (Japanese: 武士の心 Bushi no Kokoro) Single ally
Gives an ally the heart of a warrior and raises its STR.
Soultimate Move Bonito Blade (Japanese: かつおブシ斬り Katsuobushi Giri) 22x10 (YW1-2)
16x10 (YW3)
All enemies
Cuts his opponents- not with his claws, but with his trusty sword.
Skill Extreme Critical (Japanese: 超クリティカル Chō Kuritikaru)
Power of critical attacks is high.

Psychic Blasters Stats

Bushinyan YW2-007
Blasters role
Blasters ranger YWB Ranger Emblem
SPD Unknown
This shows stats at level 99

Psychic Blasters Movelist

Button Move/description
A Attack (hits a nearby enemy)
X Fleeting (avoids attacks, however it can not avoid techniques)


Yo-kai Watch 2

Shogunyan's soul-When the attack is a critical hit, does more damage than a normal critical hit.


  • Befriended: "I'm Shogunyan! I'll be your loyal companyan!"
  • Loafing: "Can't it wait?!"
  • Recieving Food (favorite): "I approve of this."
  • Recieving Food (normal): "Not bad."
  • Recieving Food (disliked): "Disappointed!"
  • Being traded: "Pray, does your lord shogun approve of this friendship?"


"Shogunyan" is a portmanteau of "shogun" and "nyan."

"Bushinyan" is a portmanteau of "bushi" (Japanese: 武士 "samurai, warrior") and "nyan." "Bushinyan" might also be a wordplay on "katsuobushi" (Japanese: 鰹節 "bonito flakes").


  • In English, Shogunyan is voiced by Alicyn Packard.
  • In EP094 of the anime, Shogunyan fuses with Whisper to make Whisshogun making him the only fusable Legendary Yo-kai.
  • In Yo-kai Watch, Shogunyan is one of two Legendary Yo-kai that can be befriended before completing the main story. The other Legendary Yo-kai is Gilgaros.
  • In the anime, the Yo-kai needed to befriend Shogunyan are Jibanyan, Blazion, Tattletell, Robonyan, Hungramps, Hidabat, Manjimutt, and Noko.
  • In the manga, Shogunyan is the only Yo-kai ever that is also a ghost. He can only possess Jibanyan's body to materialize, but as of Kyubi's chapter can possess others too.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ブシニャン Combines Bushi(warrior) with nyan(meow).
Flag of France French Shogunyan same as English name.
Flag of Spain Spanish Shogunyan same as english name.
Flag of Germany German Shogunyan same as english name
Flag of Italy Italian Shogunyan Same as English name
Flag of Brazil
Flag of Portugal
Shogunyan Same as English Name
Flag of the Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
武士喵 Transliteration of japanse name.
  • Arabic: شوغونيان
  • Korean 무사냥 Musanyang

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