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Shopper's Row (Japanese: おつかい横丁 Otsukai Yokochō) is a shopping district and small residential area of Springdale that appears in Yo-kai Watch games. It is most notably home to the Springdale Flower Road, which has several accessible shops and locations.

There are two pathways leading to other parts of the town. Blossom Heights is accessible from the main road overhead bridge while Downtown Springdale is accessed from the road near the southern part.

Places of Interest

Springdale Flower Road

Main article: Springdale Flower Road

Tranquillity Apartments

Main article: Tranquillity Apartments

Tranquillity Apartments (Japanese: あんのん団地 Annon danchi) are three blocks of apartments that have three floors each, with nine doors on every floor. Several Quests take place in the area, in both inside and outside of the houses. Some of the doors are also unlockable via finding apartment door keys for rare items.

Yo-kai can be found in the apartments, in both closed and open doors via using the searchlight in the latter or as wild Yo-kai inside the buildings.

Nocturne Hospital

Main article: Nocturne Hospital

Doughnut Stores

In Yo-kai Watch 2, there are two doughnut stores that make an appearance. The places are called Spirit Doughnuts (Japanese: 元祖ドクロ屋 Ganzo dokuro-ya) that sell doughnuts with custard filling and Soul Doughnuts (Japanese: 本家ドクロ屋 Honke dokuro-ya) that sell them with cream instead. It plays a major role in the storyline of that game, relating to the conflict of what doughnut filling is better.

The stores reappear again in Yo-kai Watch 3, but they must be unlocked by completing The Persuasion of General Arachnus and The Search for General Toadal Dude Quests respectively.


Item Name Location Games
Salmon Roe Sushi Salmon Sushi Situated in the middle of the western entrance to Springdale Flower Road YW2
Smelt Tempura-0 Fish Tempura Situated in the middle of the western entrance to Springdale Flower Road YW3
Fresh Urchin Fresh Urchin Located at the slope in the northeastern part. YW2
YWCoinYellow Yellow Coin Next to Everymart by the tresspassable fence. (Only reachable during nighttime.) YW2
1-Star Coin One-Star Coin In the front yard of the Nocturne Hospital. YW3
Pretty Ring Pretty Ring The northern part near Springdale Flower Road. YW
Aged Charm Aged Charm In the vacant lot behind the doughnut stores. YW2
Medium Exporb Medium Exporb In the corner of the parking lot at the northeastern part of the district. YW
Plain Ring Plain Ring In the front yard of the Nocturne Hospital. YW
The Pests Quest The Pest's Quest In the middle of the parking lot next to the Nocturne Hospital. YW2
Hidden Hits Hidden Hits At the northwestern part of the parking lot next to the Nocturne Hospital. YW
Music Card Music Card Behind the C-Block building at Tranquillity Apartments. YW2
Dancing Star2 Dancing Star x3 Around the staircase leading to Blossom Heights YW3
Tights In the vacant area next to the northwestern parking lot. (Helicopter required) YW3
Naughtynyan Voice In the front yard of the Nocturne Hospital at the left side of the area. YW3
Kabukinyan Voice Next to Everymart by the tresspassable fence. (Only reachable during nighttime.) YW3


  • In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, the shopkeepers at the doughnut stores incorrectly refer to them as "manjuu" like in the original version of the game, along with the original names of them. It was likely translated by a different team or the change to doughnuts was not yet made in Yo-kai Watch 2's localization.
    • This was fixed in the European-language releases.
  • In the past, the doughnut stores still exist despite not making an appearance in the Yo-kai Watch video game, appearing as generic shop awnings.
    • It's possible that it may have temporarily gone out of business during the time before the events of Yo-kai Watch 2.
    • When travelling back in time via Miradox in Yo-kai Watch 3, the doughnut stores are still listed on the map, but they cannot be reached. This may be an oversight.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese おつかい横丁 Otsukai Yokochō
Flag of France French Quartier des boutiques
Flag of Spain Spanish Zona comercial
Flag of Germany German Krämerviertel
Flag of Italy Italian Corso del Commercio
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Winkelstraat
Flag of Russia Russian Торговый квартал Torgovyy kvartal
Flag of South Korea Korean 상점가 Sangjeomga
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