Shoten Temple outside

The Shoten Temple in Blossom Heights.

The Shoten Temple (Japanese: 正天寺 Shōten-ji) is a special Shop found in Springdale and located within the western region of Blossom Heights, run by an unnamed Buddhist priest (Japanese: 正天寺和尚 Shōten-ji Oshō) who was named Mr. Zen following the game's worldwide release.


It is here the player is able to perform Fusion (Japanese: 合成進化 Gōsei Shinka, "Synthesis Evolution").

In the 10th chapter of the first game, the Shoten Temple is also home to a story-based recruit in the form of Draggie.


  • If the player has 99 of any Equipment formed from the fusion process, Mr. Zen will buy the item from the player.
  • In St. Peanutsburg, USA (Yo-Kai Watch 3), East Pine Church has a similar function, serving as that area's "Shoten Temple".

In other languages

  • Italian: Tempio della retta via
  • Dutch: Shoten Tempel
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