Damona's Soultimate Move

Damona's Soultimate Move.

Soultimate Moves (Japanese: 必殺技 Hissatsu Waza, far more often written in hiragana format) are special techniques that are unique to each Yo-kai. Like most Yo-kai techniques, they can have different effects, from straight up damage that either targets a single enemy Yo-kai or all of them on the current field, severe Inspirit to either allies or enemies, to healing and increasing stats, with some of the offensive Soultimates having the possibility to utilize attribute-based damage.

To perform a Soultimate, a Yo-kai needs to have their Soul Meter full, then select the upper left button while in battle, and play a little mini-game to charge up the Soultimate until it is complete.

In Yo-kai Watch 2 only, Soultimates can be upgraded into a M (Moxie) (Japanese: G (ガッツ) Gattsu) variant, which involves adjacent Yo-kai in the field to fuel their Soul Meter's contents into the Soultimate Charge of the Yo-kai charging up their Soultimate to boost the effectiveness of the pre-existing Soultimate attack. The effect was never seen again until Goku Orochi debuted in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, where certain SSS Rank or Z Rank Yo-kai can have their Soul meters filled beyond the maximum partially and unleash a stronger attack.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, due to combat now taking place on a 3x3 square grid, most Soultimates now have a range of effectiveness, ranging from a random pattern, a single column, etc. The range of the Soultimates are noted by flashing red panels.

List of Soultimate Moves

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In the anime


  • The word "soultimate" is a combination of soul and ultimate.
  • "Amultime" is a portmanteau of "âme" (soul) and "ultime" (ultimate).
  • While in the first Yo-kai Watch game most -if not all- Soultimates shared the same background. In Yo-kai Watch 2, some Soultimates based on elemental affinities show a background akin to their respective elements; for example:
    • Swelterrier's Heat Wave has a volcanic area-like background.
    • Mermaidyn's Beach Wave has a stormy sea-like background.
    • Pallysol's Umbrella Gust has a typhoon-like background. There is also a certain gag where Whisper can be seen flying in the background of wind soultimates, such as Pallysol's and Brokenbrella's soultimate moves.
    • Sir Berus' Stygian Slingshot has a mountains background.
  • Other Yo-kai's Soultimates have an unique background, for example:
    • Arachnus's Spider Smash has a spider background.
    • Toadal Dude's Warts and All has a toad background.

In other languages

  • Italian: Energimax
  • French : Amultime
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Supralmacia
  • German: Ultiseelschlag

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