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Southmond (Japanese: サウスモンド地区 Sausumondo-chiku) is a large residential area of St. Peanutsburg that appears in Yo-kai Watch 3. It's where Nate Adams’s house is during the story of the game.

Other parts of St. Peanutsburg can be accessed such as Northbeech from the north, East Pine from the east, along with an entrance to the Scrapyard in the bottom-left corner and Meadowbrooke Farm from the south.

Places of Interest

BBQ - Adams House

In Yo-kai Watch 3, Nate lives within this house until the end of Chapter 10, where the house is then renamed "Vacant House" after Hidabat buys it.

Southmond School

Main article: Southmond Elementary School

House of Boxes

A square house in the Coconut Quarters area where Mister Box resides.

Acornia Bank

Skycutter Post Office



A small store run by Margarita in the School Area.

Item Name Price
Baguette ฿3.70
Y-Cola ฿1.30
Sweet Corn
Corn on the Cob ฿3.00
Avocado ฿1.50
Chocobar ฿1.00
Strawberry Chocobar
Strawberry Chocobar ฿1.50
Fish Bait
Fish Bait ฿1.00
File:Think Karate2.png
Think Karate ฿9.80
File:Skill Compendium2.png
Skill Compendium ฿9.80
File:Get Guarding2.png
Get Guarding ฿9.80
Li'l Angel Heals ฿9.80
The Pest's Quest ฿9.80
Support Life #7 ฿9.80
Worn Bangle ฿18.00
Cheap Bracelet ฿18.00
Rusty Ring ฿18.00
Ugly Ring ฿18.00
Aged Charm ฿18.00
Old Charm ฿18.00
Simple Badge ฿18.00
Black Badge ฿18.00



Insect Name Location Time Rate


Yo-kai Spots

Baffle Boards


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