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The in-game map of Sparkopolis

Sparkopolis (Japanese: アオバハラ Aobahara) is a district in Yo-kai Watch 3. Located in the Springdale Region, it is one train stop to the west from Downtown Springdale on the Central Line. Sparkopolis is heavily based off the real-life Akihabara district of Tokyo.

Places of interest

In the anime

Sparkopolis appears in EP077 where Hailey Anne lines up to buy a limited-edition Sailor Cuties figurine.


  • It is not well-known whether Sparkopolis is part of Springdale itself, but since the area gets its own drawn map, and that it can only be accessed by train when Mirapo is ignored, It's implied it is either part of another city, or a distant part of Springdale, just too far away to reach on foot.
  • The name of Maid in Heaven is based off the phrase Made in heaven. Additionally, The restaurant seems to be a place where new couples are formed, hinting to the name being based on said phrase.
    • This restaurant is also based of the famous (or infamous) real-life maid restaurants that one can find at and around Akihabara, known for their young maids who will treat their customers like royalties, and sometimes do live performances.
  • Stores like AnimeChum that are found here also reference to the fact that Akihabara is a world-famous attraction for gamers and otaku form all over the world.
  • There is a secret club to access behind the Bike Racks near the Station. The quiz answers are "right", "Sailor Cuties", and "Maid."
  • At nighttime, the Sparkopolis theme keeps playing, even though most stores are closed. This likely references to how a bustling place like Akihabara never sleeps.
  • Theres is also an inaccessible building in Sparkopolis which has escalators that can be seen from the outside. This looks a lot like the real-life SEGA/Gigo Arcade Tower found in Akihabara.
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  • "Sparkopolis" is a combination of "spark" and the suffix -polis meaning "city". This may be a reference to Akihabara's nickname "Electric Town" (Japanese: 電気街 Denki Gai), as it is known for its electronics shops.
  • "Aobahara" is a corruption of "Akihabara", with the latter part of the name possibly derived from the area's supposed original name "Akibagahara".

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