The Springdale Underground Area (Japanese: さくら中央地下街 Sakura Chūō Chikagai) is a location that spreads throughout under Downtown Springdale, that can be accessed in Yo-kai Watch 3. It can be visited either via the Parking Lot, Sunset Mall, or the stairway leading from the northern entrance of the Springdale Central Station.


This area is considered to be a continuation of Sunset Mall, as it has shops just like the other area and is composed of four hallways that spread into every direction. It has a small square in the center, with benches to sit on, and it is decorated with a purple-ish sculpture.

This area has a main entrance right behind Springdale Central Station, which continues down by a set of stairs to the central square. From there, it connects to Tortoise Camera Shop to the left. On the right, it connects to the underground parking area, while to the south, the entrance to the underground floor of Sunset Mall is located.

At night, this area is accessible by climbing down in a small manhole near the main entrance, and becomes a dungeon by then. This also allows access to the mall at night.


Station Entrance
The main entrance behind the station.
Parking Lot
The parking area.


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