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Tae Arihoshi (Japanese: 有星タエ Arihoshi Tae) is a supporting character that appears as the tritagonist in Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends.


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Forever Friends

Tae first appears eavesdropping on Jack Cobbler and Itsuki's conversation about Yo-kai. However, she ends up being caught and had to introduce herself as someone who could see Yo-kai and ghosts.

Seeing her as a useful asset, Itsuki invites Tae to the team, to which she accepts. The team eventually try to go to her grandmother's house to get the Yo-kai Watch. Eventually, she ended up having to reveal her true nature as a sorcerer-in-training to Shin and Itsuki.

Tae ended up using her magic on Yamambaa to temporarily pin her down. Together with the Ohagi, Yamambaa is eventually defeated.



  • She is most likely related to Akinori Arihoshi, as she is seen using the same magic spell he and his grandma perform throughout the Shadowside series. This is further supported by the fact that she herself mentions how she comes from a long line of people who had magical abilities.