Yo-Kai Medals Comparisons JP/KOR vs USA

Does the JP/KOR Yo-Kai Medals were the same fit from America Yo-Kai Watch.

We have to organize this page and create another one JUST For the American medals

There are multiple things here that need to be done, like:

  • Adding Pictures for ALL Medals
  • Adding exclusive, promotional and campaign medals
  • Organizing the tables and making them look better

Also, we need a page JUST for US medals, since the series have different medals and there are exclusive medal desings only for the US watch. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Gabrielfernando.giaretta (talkcontribs)

That is a good thing to do, but don't forget that we should first improve the JP medals and include a page for JP medals that have a medal number at the top right; I already have JP medal images for medal numbers 1 thru 121, 123 thru 147, plus 571 thru 575. WikiaJordanHow am I doing? 22:01, May 29, 2016 (UTC)

There's a NEW Treasure Medal Pack coming Mid-February, 2018!!!

It's called: Youkai Medal Treasure 06 Challenge the Legend of Crystal! The Strongest Busters!

Release date: Mid-February, 2018

Assorted according to maker's rate from 20 types + 2 secret types.

Lineup: [Hihou Youkai medal] Enma Meiou Maka

[Crystal Legend T medal] Crystal Bushinyan

[Legend T medal] Ashura and Otohime

[Gold rank T medal] Kakusei Enma, Nurarishin, Daikokuten, Kinkaku, Indy J, Mr. Sukoppu, Whisper, Buri Taichou, Fubuki-chan, Denjin** and Honobono**

[Silver rank T medal] Namahage**, Hanahojin**, Matenou and Android Yamada

(**) marked types feature "boost QR code".

The Princess Ladies X Inc. 19:58, January 23, 2018 (UTC)

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