Tattletell (Japanese: バクロ婆 Bakurobā) is a Rank D Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe and the Onnen tribe in Yo-kai Watch 4.

In Yo-kai Watch, Tattletell evolves into Tattlecast when fused with Lafalotta. As of Yo-kai Watch 2, she can evolves into Tattlecast starting at Level 22, and in Yo-kai Watch 3, can evolves into Tattlecakes when fused with Starry Spangles.


Video games

Anime series


Tattletell resembles an elderly woman, which is shorter than most Yo-Kai in the series, easily fitting in the palm of a human hand. She has long arms, easily wider in length than her body and diminutive legs. She also has an oval-shaped head and her inner mouth and tongue are green-colored with a single bucktooth in the maxilla.

Her eyes are round and her hair is white and kept in a bun, enhancing her elderly appearance. She dresses in a white shirt, a dark purple shawl and a dark red skirt.

She is very mischievous and enjoys making others reveal their secrets without people realizing them, and shown mostly saying "Tell! Tell!" ("Babaan" in the original adaptation) for everything, but does show she can speak normally.

Tattletell's signature inspiriting is forcing her victim to reveal any secret he/she would not say on normal circumstances. Notably, most of these secrets are often embarrassing. She triggers the inspiriting by clinging on to the victim's face, whether it is a human or Yo-kai. The only drawback of this ability is if the victim's secrets are not embarrassing, such as Walkappa's. Tattletell will not feel satisfied; if the possession attempts are constant and with the same result, her stamina will decrease gradually.

She seems to know Hungramps, he later recognized her and even invited Tattletell to drink some tea together during his confrontation by Nate.


Yo-kai Watch animated series

Season 1

File:Tattletell - Yo-Kai Watch Summoning

Tattletell makes her debut in Why Did You Say That?, when she possesses Katie and has her reveal Nathan's venture to the public toilets. Fustrated, Nathan confronts the Yo-kai and summons Jibanyan, only to him falling victim to Tattletell's ability. After trying to summon Happierre, the Yo-kai refused to be summoned as he was on vacation with Dismarelda. Nathan decides to summon Walkappa as a last-ditch attempt to end the situation.

When Tattletell attempts her ability on the summoned Yo-kai, the latter's revealed secret is amusingly not embarrassing, which causes the elderly Yo-kai to lose stamina. After trying several more attempts to reveal a terrible secret from Walkappa, Tattletell falls exhausted and Nathan manages to convince her to give a Yo-kai Medal to Nate.

Later in the same episode, Nathan uses Tattletell to discover the cause of Katie's upsetting and asks the Yo-Kai to discretely help Katie with her mother.

In Yo-kai Hungramps, Tattletell is summoned to inspirit/possess Hungramps to find out why he's haunting a convenience store, temporarily stopping only for some tea when Hungramps stopped her for it.

In Yo-kai Noway, Tattletell is summoned to try to chat with Noway, but she failed after Noway inspirited her instead.

In The New Yo-kai Watch, Tattletell was in Yo-kai-lifornia where she was among the Yo-kai waiting in line for the release of the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.

In Yo-kai Top Ten, Tattletell and Manjimutt hosted the Yo-kai Top 10.

In Yo-kai Suspicioni, she inspirits Nate's friends because Nate was suspicious they were not really friends. However, Bear, Eddie, and even Katie admit they like him and that they are friends, thus foiling Suspicioni.

In Yo-kai Dummkap, she forces Dummkap to reveal his origins to herself, Nate, and Whisper. His story attracts Wazzat and the two hat Yo-kai become friends.

Tattletell as a Human

Tattletell as a human, in EP121.

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

Tattletell is summoned in Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, during the fight against Dame Dedtime along with other Yo-kai summoned by Nate. In the first part of battle, she is seen being chased by a Wicked along with Pittapatt. When Kin & Gin was defeated, Nate orders Tattletell to try and reveal Dedtime's secret on why she was acting so badly.

After Dedtime explains about her origin, she begins to get furious, causing Tattletell to escape from her. Though, it is unknown if she used her Soultimate move when she was fighting Dame Demona.

Season 2

In EP084, she makes a brief cameo in "Jibanyan's summer break" when Jibanyan asked her if she knows where the cat's owner was, but for the first time, she didn't know who that owner was.

Tattletell as a human, before her death.

Tattletell as a human, before her death.

In EP121, it is revealed she can speak normally and possesses herself in front of Hungramps, Usapyon, and Hailey to reveal how she became a Yo-kai.

In EP134, she was summoned to inspirit Hailey.

Yo-kai Watch

Tattletell is automatically befriended during chapter 3 of the main storyline.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Tattletell can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with a Select-a-Coin

Yo-kai Watch 3

Tattletell can be found in Uptown Springdale.

Game data


Restoration Attribute
Bakurobaa YW1-008
Mysterious mini icon
Level 23
Restoration Attribute
Babaan YW2-009
Mysterious mini icon


Yo-kai Watch

Restoration Attribute
Bakurobaa YW1-008
Mysterious mini icon
Drain Attribute
Waraenee YW2-008
Mysterious mini icon
Restoration Attribute
Babaan YW2-009
Mysterious mini icon

Yo-kai Watch 3

Restoration Attribute
Bakurobaa YW1-008
Mysterious mini icon
Starry Spangles
Restoration Attribute
Mysterious mini icon


Bakurobaa YW1-008
Stats Calculation
This shows Tattletell's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slap (Japanese: はたく Hataku) 10-45 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Heal (Japanese: いやしの術 Iyashi no Jutsu) (1)

Restore (Japanese: 回復の術 Kaifuku no Jutsu) (2)



Restoration Single ally
No description.
Inspirit Disclose (Japanese: バクロする Bakuro suru) Single enemy
Makes a foe reveal its weakness, thus lowering its DEF.
Soultimate Move Loving Slap (Japanese: 愛のビンタ Ai no Binta) 60 Single enemy
Slaps a foe... with love. May cancel enemy Soultimate Moves.
Skill Caring (Japanese: おせわ Osewa)
Gradually recovers HP of adjacent Yo-kai.


Soul Effect
Soul mysterious Slightly restores the HP of adjacent Yo-kai.


  • Befriended: "Tell? (Want to be friends?)"
  • Loafing: "Telltell..."
  • Receiving food (favorite): "TELL!"
  • Receiving food (normal): "Tell-tell."
  • Receiving food (disliked): "Tell..."


  • "Bakurobaa" is a combination of bakuro (Japanese: 暴露 "revelation") and (Japanese: "grandma").
  • "Tattletell" is a portmanteau of tattle and tell. It is also a play on tattletale.
  • "Cotilleja" is a combination of "Cotillear" (Babble) and "Vieja" (Old Woman).


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese バクロ婆
Flag of France French Toutouie
Flag of Spain Spanish Cotilleja
Flag of Germany German Petzmeralda
Flag of Italy Italian Rivela
Flag of Russia Russian Разболтаишна
Flag of South Korea Korean 나불할멈
More Languages
Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese)* 八卦婆婆 (Hong Kong)
八卦婆 (Taiwan)
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (European) Fofoqueira
  • Arabic: كركوبة

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