Tenguriginal (Japanese: 烏天狗 Karasu Tengu) is a Rank S Wind-attribute Classic Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, Tenguriginal is one of the Yo-kai required to unlock Dandoodle.



Tenguriginal is a humanoid Yo-kai who has pale blue skin, dark blue hair tied with a white band into a low ponytail with its end resembling a crow's tail, round eyebrows and red eyes.

His outfit consists of a yellow Tokin cap with a white band under his jaw, a white Suzukake jacket with a red underrobe and wing-like sleeves that has sharp dark blue ends, a yellow Yui-gesa with 4 pompoms, purple hakama pants hold up by a red band, white tabi socks and a pair of dark brown single-stilted getas with red straps.

In his hand, he holds a grey shakujō staff with a large golden ring at the end, carrying 6 smaller golden rings and a red spirit-like spear top.



Tengu is the bitter and eternal rival of Tenguriginal as he wishes to put him in his place and prove he is the one true Tengu.


Yo-kai Watch 3

You can recruit Tenguriginal in Blasters T's dungeons.

You can also release Tenguriginal from the Crank-a-kai by using a Tempura coin or an Excitement Coin.

Tenguriginal appears in Springdale Elementary at night.

Game data


Stats Calculation
This shows Tenguriginal's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Headsmack (Japanese: ずつき Zutsuki) 30 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Storm (Japanese: 嵐の術 Arashi no Jutsu) 70 Wind Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Tailwind (Japanese: 追い風を吹かせる Oikaze wo Fukaseru) Single ally
A tailwind blows on the Inspirited Yo-kai, raising SPD.
Soultimate Move Crow Feathers Squall (Japanese: 烏羽の突風 Karasuba no Toppū) 175 Wind Even-numbered spaces
Calls forth a violent tornado with the power of wind, damaging all enemies in range.
Skill Windshield (Japanese: かぜよけ Kazeyoke)
Lessen damage from Wind attacks.

Attribute Tolerance

Fire icon Ice icon Earth icon Lightning icon Water icon Wind icon
Tolerance of attribute attack
Strong × ⇒ △ ⇒ - ⇒ ○ ⇒ ◎ weak


Soul Effect
Soul charming Reduces damage taken from Wind attribute attacks.



Karasu Tengu is based on the youkai of which his Japanese name is derived, which, for the most part, are the alternative name of daitengu (see Tengu#Origin), even though Karasu-tengu features more of the avian features of the tengu, and such, may feature beaks, an image that daitengu have long since shed from, due to humanizing the beak into their iconic giant nose.

Name Origin

"Karasu Tengu" translates as "crow tengu".

"Tenguriginal" is a portmanteau of tengu and original

Tengursula is a combination of tengu and the girl name ursula.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 烏天狗 Karasu Tengu Named after the karasu tengu
Flag of France French Tenguriginal Same as the English name
Flag of Spain Spanish Tenguriginal Same as the English name
Flag of Germany German Tengursula
Flag of Italy Italian Tenguriginale Combination of "tengu" and "originale"
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