Nate and co. running from Gargaros and a Leadoni, with Venoct in the Background.

Terror Time (Japanese: 鬼時間 Oni Jikan) is an event that occurs at random in the Yo-kai Watch series. Children who disobey their parents or generally misbehave might find themselves within Terror Time, chased down by a large Oni and their followers.

In the games, Terror Time is a random event that occurs on set conditions, with it usually happening at night or occasionally during the daytime while the player is outside. It is signalled when the the player randomly stops (if they are moving) and the Watch Lens icon on the top right corner of the screen emits a countdown before forming an image of a demonic monster (or a an oni 鬼 symbol in the Japanese version). They are sent to a black-and-white alternate dimension of their hometown where they must avoid being caught by the Oni and their followers. Terror Time can only occur in certain areas and will not occur until the player encounters it for the first time during story mode. Starting with Yo-kai Watch 2, the player can check the weather app to get informed if Terror Time is likely to occur.


Terror Time is based on a common warning parents give their children over some kind of divine punishment they will receive if they misbehave.

This black-and-white alternate dimension is the home of Gargaros, Ogralus, Orcanos, and many Patroleye, Leadoni, and Suspicioni. Children who disobey their parents or generally misbehave might find themselves within Terror Time, chased down by the large Oni and their followers. If they get caught, the Oni gives them a severe beating, but then the children wake up in bed as though it were a nightmare.

In the games

In Yo-kai Watch Terror Time is first introduced during Chapter 4 in the first game, following the player's ability to go out at night thanks to befriending Baku, in order to retrieve Mr. Goodsights' lucky underwear from the Hot Springs at night as to upgrade the Yo-kai Watch to find Rank D Yo-kai. It occurs shortly after the player leaves their house and the player says in a dialogue box that they feel something strange.

The missions of Yo-kai Watch Busters also take place during Terror Time.

In Yo-kai Watch 3, Terror Time only occurs in Springdale. When the player is caught up in it, they're taken into it via a red and black portal with absorbs them in and they land in the dreamlike-environment.


Yo-kai Watch

While wandering the city, the player may find themselves suddenly dragged into a barren, black-and-white version of the city. This often happens in the early part of the nighttime, as they have stayed out past their bedtime, though it can also be encountered randomly during the day too, and in various places within the Infinite Inferno. This event can also be triggered by following a Leadoni that says "Follow me! FOLLOW ME!" instead of the normal "Follow me! Follow meeeeee!". However, more often than not, when Terror Time is triggered this way, the player would be close to a Terror Chest.

Terror Time plays like a stealth game, where the player must evade the Oni and his minions while searching for the exit, which is marked on the map and takes the form of a sliding door. The longer the player takes, the more smaller Oni will spawn on the map and look for the player. Belaying these efforts are the Red treasure chests which almost always contain hard-to-find items, such as rare evolution items, which are scattered throughout Terror Time, often in dead-ends which might be difficult to navigate into or out of without getting caught.

If a small Oni spots the player, it lets out a shrill roar which alerts its boss, causing all of the small oni to disappaer and the large oni to charge at a dead sprint for the Player's location. It is impossible to hide; the Oni will always know where you are and can teleport to your location if you manage to evade it for too long. The Oni runs as fast as the player can sprint, if not faster, so using Staminum is advisable if the player is spotted, with the sole exception being if the door is nearby.

If caught, the player will be dragged into a battle with the oni which uses a relentless onslaught of powerful physical attacks and the occasional Yo-kai technique. If the Oni defeats them, they wake up in bed as though they'd had a bad dream, but any items obtained from the red chests are lost. As a result, new/ early game players are advised to simply search for the exit unless they land near a chest and Gargaros spawns far away from them.

An adequately powerful party can defeat Gargaros, after which the Player is free to gather any remaining Terror Time chests unimpeded. However, defeating Gargaros causes his brothers to start appearing in Terror Time as well, and they are by far the strongest foes in the game, especially his brother Orcanos.

Yo-kai Watch 2

In the second game, the appearance has taken a total overhaul. While the main goal is still to run to the escape door without getting spotted, there are some additions.

The patrolling Leadonis and Suspicionis have now been replaced by Oni Yo-kai called Patrolye, which pursue the player upon spotting them instead of simply disappearing. The more times the player has been spotted, the faster Gargaros will run to the player. Instead of battling Gargaros, the player will get swatted away and promptly be woken up from the nightmare. As time passes, more Onis will appear, and this can include Gargaros's brothers Ogralus and Orcanos.

The player can no longer use any items from their inventory in terror time, including stamina boosts. There is now items that the player can pick up and use which include: a paralyzing trap, Robonyan's rocket punch, stamina boosts, and a time-bomb. These items are randomly scattered around the overworld. Any Yo-kai that were called to a Yo-kai Hotspot will support by placing a temporary paralyzing trap in front of them if approached by the player.

Instead of items, the player will come across oni orbs that, if the player escapes with some, they will power up a special oni crank-a-kai coin. This will allow the player to use a special crank-a-kai that can give the player some items and oni Yo-kai. The more powered up the coin is, the higher chance of a rare Yo-kai or item being dispensed from the machine.

The exit isn't accessible immediately at the start of Terror Time. Instead, the player has to wait until the clock reaches one of the large red notches before it will appear. A notification will appear onscreen once the exit is available and the player can either head for the exit, or continue to collect more oni orbs, but the more time that passes the more Patrolyes will appear, along with Ogralus and Orcanos.

However, if the player is playing Terror Time when it automatically appears during story mode, the exit will appear sooner and a cutscene will play when they are close to it showing the player escaping instead of the player going through it normally. Also if the player is caught, instead of them waking up back at home, they will be sent back to the shop. The player will be unable to progress through story mode until they beat Terror Time.

Overall, Terror Time seems to be tougher in the second game.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Terror Time returns once more in Yo-kai Watch 3, with Hailey Anne Thomas and Usapyon now being the subjects to its first occurrence in Springdale. Terror Time only occurs in Springdale and can be triggered with either Hailey or Nathan.

Terror Time's gameplay has been altered once again in Yo-kai Watch 3 and is now a cross between the original Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2's Terror Times. Overall, Terror Time has been simplified in this title.

The escape door now spawns on the overworld immediately, rather than having to wait a certain amount of time for it to appear. However, the door is now locked and requires a key to unlock it in order to escape, which spawns somewhere in the overworld under heavy Oni patrol.

The patrolling Patrolye now follow specific patrol routes and their field of vision is now clearly shown on their map icons, making sneaking by easier to plan out and the risk of being cornered by wandering Patrolye significantly lower. A new mechanic was also introduced in the form of a 'Stealth Zone', a small circular area which appears on the overworld if the player is spotted. Entering the zone immediately halts any pursuing Oni, who return to their designated patrol routes.

Unlike Yo-kai Watch 2, collecting large amounts of Oni Orbs is no longer the primary focus in reaping the rewards from the Oni Crank-a-kai. A set number of 10 Oni Orbs are now the only collectible objects on the overworld; similar to the set number of Oni Chests in the original Yo-kai Watch. Every time the player escapes Terror Time, the Oni Crank-a-kai initially starts with only 3rd place prizes, with the amount of Oni Orbs the player has collected adding more to the prize pool. At least 8 Oni Orbs are needed for a single 1st prize to appear after filling out the 2nd place prizes.

All overworld items have also been removed, meaning all forms of combating and evading the patrolling Oni in previous titles are now gone. New types of Patrolye also appear, including a blue Patrolye with the ability to see incredibly far a red Patrolye that is alerted by the player sprinting nearby, and a white Patrolye with a rainbow glow which does not show up on the minimap, similar to Necrodimmy. Additionally, instead of the key spawning in the overworld, it may spawn within the possession of a giant Oni which the player will need to retrieve stealthily when their backs are turned or otherwise suffer their wrath.

Like in the original Yo-kai Watch, being caught by Gargaros, Ogralus, or Orcanos results in a battle against the extremely powerful Oni. Losing the battle results in the player waking up at home, like in previous titles. The Oni will also have new attacks, some of which came from Yo-kai Watch Busters.


Terror Time Chests

A variety of highly desirable items can be found within the Red Chests in Terror Time within the original game. The chests are marked on the map, as well as the hunting Oni, when the map is zoomed in all the way. No matter how many times players enter Terror Time, the chest placement is static.

Contents of the chest include:

These Chests were fazed out within the sequel games into the Oni Crank-a-kai and Oni Orb mechanics.

In the anime

Nate has been trapped within Terror Time three times in the anime's run, with the first two times for leaving the house after his mother forbade him from doing so and the third to celebrate setsubun with Tomnyan.

The first time, Nate barely escaped from Gargaros after the Oni flattened Whisper and Jibanyan.

The second time, despite remembering the first time and being warned it would happen again, Nate goes out anyway. Nate was stopped by Sgt. Burly and told to confront the Oni to grow as a person, giving him advice on the strategy needed to take him down, though in the style of a group formed in a MMORPG. However, the deliberation takes so long that Gargaros gets agitated and leaves.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 鬼時間 Oni Jikan
Flag of France French Terr'Heure
Flag of Germany German Schreckenszeit
Flag of Italy Italian Terrore Onirico
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Terreurtijd
Flag of South Korea Korean 호 러 시간
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