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The Seven Gods of Fortune (Japanese: 七福神妖怪 Shichifukujin Yōkai) are a group of seven powerful Rank S Rare Yo-kai themed after the Seven Lucky Gods. They first debuted in Yo-kai Watch 3, five of which (Benzaiten, Hotei, Daikokuten, Ebisu, and Bishamonten) debuted in Sushi and Tempura, with the remaining two being available in Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki.

These Yo-kai only appear in-game when a Dream Medal is "powered" by interacting through various media such as the games, the Yo-kai Blaster, some gashapon, and an arcade.

List of Yo-kai[]

Rank Image Name Attribute Favorite Food
Rank S icon Bishamonten Art Bishamonten Fire Meat
Rank S icon Hoteison Hotei Wind Soba Noodles
Rank S icon DaikokutenArtwork Daikokuten Earth Oden Stew
Rank S icon Benzaiten Benzaiten Lightning Curry
Rank S icon Fukurokujou Art Fukurokuju Restoration Sushi
Rank S icon Jurojin Art Jurojin Drain Ramen
Rank S icon Ebisu Ebisu Water Seafood

How to befriend[]


The process of encountering these Yo-kai all involve the usage of a Dream Medal[1][2][3].

  • Bishamonten: Charge a Dream Medal with the circle in Yo-kai Mystery File 01 Medallium, and then charge it in the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream Toy.
  • Hoteison: Charge a Dream Medal with the circle in Yo-kai Mystery File 02 expansion to the Medallium, and then charge it in the Yo-kai Blaster Toy (the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream must be linked to the toy).
  • Daikokuten: Charge a Dream Medal in either the real-life Gashapon or in Tomodachi Ukiukipedia Arcade.
  • Benzaiten: Charge a Dream Medal in the Gashapon Roulette in Tempura.
  • Fukurokuju: Charge a Dream Medal with the circle in Yo-kai Nu Magazine Medallium.
  • Jurojin: Charge a Dream Medal in Sukiyaki.
  • Ebisu: Charge a Dream Medal in the Gashapon Roulette in Sushi.

Once encountered, their fights are daily fights, until they are befriended by traditional manners.


In the international releases of Yo-Kai Watch 3, the Dream Medal functionality is omitted and an alternate method of encountering the Gods is introduced. Mr. Wonderful in Northbeech, BBQ, offers a service of bestowing beneficial Auras in exchange for Ghastly Fragments. Among these Auras are battle summons for The Seven Gods of Fortune.

Upon trading for a God Aura, the player is instantly warped to the Treasure Ship of the Seven Gods where the summoned God awaits their challenge. The player can only battle them daily and is required to save before challenging them. In addition to their normal battles, the player can challenge their powered-up "serious" versions.

Below is a list of the Gods' summoning Auras and their Ghastly Fragment costs.

  • Bishamonten: Burning Aura x 1 (serious version - Blazing Aura x 3)
  • Ebisu: Tidal Aura x 1 (serious version - Whirlpool Aura x 3)
  • Benzaiten: Lightning Aura x 1 (serious version - Storm Aura x 3)
  • Jurojin: Darkness Aura x 1 (serious version - Abyss Aura x 2)
  • Hotei: Gale Aura x 1 (serious version - Whirlwind Aura x 3)
  • Daikokuten: Sandstorm Aura x 1 (serious version - Tornado Aura x 3
  • Fukurokuju: Shining Aura x 3 (serious version - Heavenly Aura x 5)


  • There is a Yo-kai whose Japanese name references Fukurokuju that's been around since the start of the franchise: Ol' Fortune. Coincidentally, both Ol' Fortune and Fukurokuju hail from the Heartful tribe.
  • As there is only Seven Lucky Gods and 8 tribes, the Eerie tribe is the only tribe that lacks a God of Fortune representative.