• Okay, so I notice we don't really do anything Wibble Wobble/Punipuni realated on this Wikia, While I know it's not an entire main game, it is still a game, (and let's be honest the biggest Yo-kai Watch game the US will have for quite the while), so I'm wondering if we could perhaps put up some info charts or something of the Max attack/HP, if they have any compatibility with any watches(Model zero, U-1, U-2,Dream, etc), if they have any skills(a machinic that's not in W.W, yet), and perhaps their Soultimate effects and what the L1-L7 power/effect is of said Soultimate. 

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    • I know no one knows this page exists, but  on the small chance that someone does, I'd like to point out  This s a good source for this kinda info

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