• Hello fellow wikians,

    First off, a happy new year, although it is late to tell you all. In 2017, we will see new openings to improve the wiki with more in-depth information and as well improving articles around the wiki, since the Yo-kai Watch franchise is taking a year break.

    A first step I made was the article improvement of Jibanyan, Pandle is another example done by another contributor, which will be new lay-out style for every single Yo-kai article. Since that is a very heavy task as that there are lots of Yo-kai in the franchise, it may take a very long time until that's done.

    Second, the improvement of game articles. As you've may noticed, more information concerning the data of the game, as well updates of bugs are added. There are some empty spaces, as I've not translated them yet.

    2017 will be a year to add more information on every single article, as well welcoming new contributors and appreciating their help on this wiki.

    If there are any contributors that has mathmetical knowledge in the field of IV's and Experience than, feel free to add those articles.

    Thank you for your help.

    Yours sincerely,

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