• Thanks to Google Translate, I've been able to translate the names of the new Classic Yokai

    Bird Yo-kai: Onmoraki Paper Lantern: Chōchin-obake Ox: Ox-Head Horse: Horse-Face

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    • Hi!

      At least I predicted right about Chochinoake... although I never thought about Ox-Head and Horse-Face if only because I didn't know how to make them look kid-friendly... then again, how could some of us would make somefellas like Jami, Sunakake-Baba, Tearai-Oni, Gangi-Kozo, Harionago and Kyokotsu -which are not portrayed in Yo-kai Watch so far- look kid-friendly without sacrifying the escence of their being in the process?

      About the classic Yo-kai which appeared in Yo-kai Watch, I'm grateful for I didn't knew about some folklore Yo-kai until I saw: Ogama (Toadal Dude), Nopperabo (Faysoff), Dorotabo (Mudmumch), Akaname (Tublappa), Suiko (Tigappa), Kudan (Predictabull), and I lost count, honestly. So any Classic contribution is welcome.

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