• Sorry for the interruption, but I have some suggestions for the Yo-kai Medal article and the images of the Yo-kai Medals.

    It is really sad to see that the Yo-kai Medal article itself is largely imcomplete, too long and too messy. As such, I have a few suggestions for it:

    • Create separate sub-articles for the Yo-kai Medals blind packs.
    • Create separate sub-articles for the Yo-kai Medals capsule series packs.
    • Bandai version and Hasbro version should have their own sub-articles.
    • For the Yo-kai Medals that comes with the toys, figurines, manga, video games and special delivery for movies, they should be listed in a separated sub-article.

    Also, I noticed that there's a lot of duplicated Yo-kai Medals images, so my suggestions for this are:

    • The name of the image for the medals should be named in this way: <Yo-kai name>-<Type of medal>-<Version>.<image format>
      • Example 1 (Jibanyan, Z Medal, Bandai Japanese Version): Jibanyan-Zmedal-JP.png
      • Example 2 (Komane, Normal Medal, Bandai English Version): Komane-Nmedal-EN.png
      • Example 3 (USApyon, U Medal, Bandai Korean Version): USApyon-Umedal-KR.png
      • Example 4 (Kung Fu Nyan, Normal Medal, Bandai Chinese Version): Kung Fu Nyan-Nmedal-CN.png
      • Example 5 (Dazzabel, Normal Medal, Hasbro Version): Dazzabel-Nmedal-US.png
    • Duplicates of the images of the same version of the same medals should be removed. User-created photo of a Yo-kai Medal should be removed as well.
    • For images that are taken from Bandai and Hasbro, the use of the fairuse tag while uploading new Yo-kai Medal images is a must.

    That is all my suggestions for the wiki.

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    • That is honestly not a very bad siggestion and I agree with everything you've written. I want to approve this suggestion for this wiki. It will help with organizing the medal list much easier and better.

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    • Alright, thanks.

      Anyway, I found out that there's a lot of duplicate Yo-kai Medal images, so it will takes time to clean up. Since I'm just a normal contributor here on Yo-kai Watch Wiki, this job must be done by any of the wiki admins.

      The image size of each Yo-kai Medal image is inconsistent and some of them might be too large for the list tables, so I'll say they should be resized to the image size of 147px x 147px (Which is the image size of most medal images on the Yo-kai Medaland websites) and must not have the empty space between the image border and the medal.

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    • Alright. I have various projects in my head that I want to execute, but removing images that are not in use on this wiki and articles as well are part of a clean-up. So, in a matter of time, I will remove the duplicate images of the medals. Furthermore, fine by me.

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    • I understand.

      Although I wanted to create sub-articles for the Yo-kai Medals article on my own, I can't since I don't know what the other admins will think about it. Furthermore, as I mentioned, I'm just a normal contributor, so I can't rename the image files of the Yo-kai medals.

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    • Sorry, I forgot to reply to your message. Well, you've got a point there. No worries, I will rename the file names due time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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