• I hope Dr. Maddiman or Dr. Nogut and kidnaps Nate or Hailey and takes one of them to the operating room to get their heart. Then Whisper or Usapyon rescues them.

    I really hope that happens in the anime.

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    • Hmm...

      Well, this is gonna throw a wrench into your wishes, but... in Japan, the original anime ended, and the only apperance of Dr. Maddiman was in a Busters T segment...

      Even if Dr. Maddiman appears in the Shadowside Anime and gets a Shadowside form (and he should, since he'd fit the tone and he needs to be vindicated in the anime after all of this mishandling), Nate and Hailey wouldn't do so because they're no longer the main characters. Natsume, Touma, Akinori, Keisuke, and Ayame are the stars now.

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    • I didn't know that until now. Thanks for letting me know.

      But if they have a spin-off of the anime, they should have Dr. Maddiman or Dr. Nogut appear and kidnap the new main characters then.

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