• Starting i believe March through May i'll be getting this game after i do i plan to trade everything off Yo-kai watch 2 Psychic Specters to 3 after i beat the game once i do i'll be available again to trade alright.

    So you know i'd like to ask what's different in game any ideals before i get the game itself?

    As a helpful ideal before i start okay just wondering. 

    FC 4313 - 4058 - 7179. You already know me so incaser's it's Micah 

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    • Special note it depends on what i get double on so you know thanks and begin.

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    • Yo-kai watch 3 trades will happen next week after i download it and buy it alright so you know as such trades will happen whenever i'm done alright so you know.   

      This week my focus is on my old 3ds with Yo-kai watch red Cat Corps afterwards yeah alot to do so codes:

      0430 - 8769 - 6837  - any trades can happen after i am done with the Yo-kai watch Blaster games so you know via both! 

      Next week for Yo-kai watch 3 afterwards is code: 4313 - 4058 - 7179  once i beat the games alright so you know.  Alot to do via both 3ds so you know as such wish me luck! 

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    • I'll also buy Yo-kai watch 3 for 2ds here's my 2ds fc: 1822 - 5951 - 2541 for 2ds but going to have to wait awhile as i get the game play on it and so on once done for Yo-kai watch 3 i'll let you know what i have for trades okay?

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