• is gallery on yokai's page really allowed? not sure if guidelines for adding galleries of yokai is still valid, but usually is not allowed? my thoughts, it makes the yokai's page is really weird messy, i rather do is simple hyperlink of text to a page of yokai's gallery. .

    have you ask an admin to do this? sorry if i asked this...
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    • Wait !, if they are not going to do a medal section or use those images of the Yo-kai and that the EPS have galleries. why not?

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    • well for episodes, thats because it use a seprate article for them, it makes even cleaner rather than put in the actual episode's main article. thats why i said rather to make a new article for episodes with hyperlink. but not sure if they're now allowed FOR the yokai's.

      medal sections? which is that? and what is the image of the yokai for? i dont understand that part sorry

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