• We know from the intro song and from episode 4 of Yo Kai Watch Shadowside That Nate is the father of Natsume. According to the fandom:Jibanyan and Whisper and other Yo Kai Friends remember Nate but Nate doesbt remember them. I find the ending of the orignal Yo Kai Watch serie a bit confusing when followed by Shadowside. We know that from the 4th movie Nate burried the watches between space and time. But we didnt get an explaition how Nate got married to Katie or what happend to Hailey. Is it possible if Hailey(if she lost her abillity to see Yo Kai) or Nate had the watch to remember everything they forgot? I really hope someone will explain this to me or that we get an episode/episodes where this is all explained. (This is just a theory)And whe also see a patern where we first see Nate grown up at episode 4(excluded the movie), an explaintion of how he lost his watch in the 4th Yo Kai Movie. And see him appear in episode 44 of Shadowside. All the numbers are number 4 is this maybe a clue to the continuation of the original Yo Kai Watch serie for a season 4? I mean to go even further there are 4 yo kai watches:The original,Model Zero,Dream and the Elda watch.(Excluding the ogre watch because it isnt like where you can summon yo kai except Benkei,Yoshitsune,Omatsu or Goemon and yo can only summon) We also see 4 Yo Kai Watches being used in the right way(excluding Jerry and Katie since its from a dream or parralel universa)aka: Nate,Hailey,Natsume and Keisuke(excluded Toma) Hopefully we will get a season 4 of the original Yo Kai Watch series. And its not because i dont like the Shadowside series. Dont get me wrong i like it but there is somethings missing and it is a season 4 of the original series and a season 2 for the Shadowside series

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