Touma Tsukinami (Japanese: 月浪トウマ Tsukinami Touma) is one of the main characters in the Yo-kai Watch series, who first appeared in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King and Yo-kai Watch Shadowside as Deuteragonist, and as a playable character in Yo-kai Watch 4.

He holds the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, which was originally the Kigan Gear given by Ogu, Togu, and Mogu in the movie causing him to unintentionally become possessed by the Onimaro. He can use it to transform into Genma by rotating the watch to a specific part, and into Kenbumajin by putting a Youseiken in it.


Physical Traits

Touma is a light-skinned boy with short dark green-toned hair and brown eyes. However, under the influence of the Onimaro, his eyes glow red. After gaining the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, his eyes will change color (depending on which Yo-kai he chooses to transform into) during his transformation.

In the movie, he wears a high school uniform consisting of a white shirt, a pale yellow vest, a blue blazer, a blue tie, black pants, and shoes.

In the series, he usually wears long trousers, even during the warmer seasons. He tends to wear the colors, blue and black. During the cooler seasons, his choice of colors is dark blue and white.

He is considered to be handsome by people.


In the beginning of the movie, Touma seemed to have a very apathetic and aloof personality, due to his parents rarely being home and being a target of getting bullied. However, deep down inside, he has a very kind heart.

He can be described as the person who always says, "That's okay". He seems to notice things a lot faster than the others. He is usually seen as, levelheaded, who, often being the one who calms down Akinori. He can also be seen as humble and modest.

He has a severe fear of being alone again.


Natsume Amano

He met Natsume when they were in elementary school when she had scratched her knee and he helped her. However, they eventually grew apart and didn't interact much until the events of the Onimaro, where he was against Natsume. Soon after Natsume cured the darkness in his heart, the two have been shown to possess a strong friendship.

Mafuyu Tsukinami

Mafuyu is Touma's mother. As a child, Touma felt neglected by his parents. However, it was soon revealed that they did truly love him.

Akinori Arihoshi

Touma tends to be the one to contrast Akinori's upbeat personality, other than that the two are very good friends.

Keisuke Amano

The two appeared to be good friends. Keisuke admires him.

Ogu, Togu & Mogu

He met Ogu, Togu and Mogu. during the events of the 4th movie, where they were persuading him to join their cause. Despite the trio being Onimaro, a mostly evil race of Yo-kai, they deeply care for Touma, as shown by healing his wounds after being impaled by a fragment of the Oni King's blood.


Warning: plot & spoiler details are listed below.

The Return of The Oni King

Touma makes his first appearance in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: The Return of the Oni King, where he appears as a minor antagonist.

With his parents rarely being home, and him getting bullied by other people, Touma feels lonely and frustrated. The Onimaro end up using this to their advantage to draw Touma on their side, gifting him the "Kigan Gear", a device that allows Touma to wield inhuman power.

Toma wearing the Kigan Gear.

For a while, Touma helps the Onimaro in spreading their infection, but eventually, he runs into Natsume at the airport where they fought against one another. Despite winning, he got knocked out and was taken to Kitaro who helped enter his heart, where they could cure the darkness in his heart, and he then joins Natsume and the others in their fight against the Oni King Rasen. Soon after the darkness was removed, the Kigan Gear turned into the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, giving him the ability to turn into 4 different kinds of Genma Yo-kai.

In the climax, Touma uses the Fudou Raimeiken to defeat Oni King Rasen but was then impaled by Oni King Rasen's blood. When it seemed that he will die, Ogu, Mogu, and Togu sacrifice themselves to save his life.

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside animation

After the events of the movie, Touma joined Natsume and Akinori to become the Yo-kai Detective Agency, an investigation team that solves supernatural incidents. Touma's ability is to be able to turn into the 4 different Genma Yo-kai, as well as Kenbumajin, through the use of his Yo-kai Watch Ogre. Haruya Sakami is interested in his abilities.

In SS012, it was revealed that Haruya was interested in him due to his ownership of the Fudou Raimeiken, which he needs in order to awaken the Princess. Haruya uses Rei Sendo to capture Touma and steal the Fudou Raimeiken. However, in SS014, Natsume and friends enlist the help of the Genjuu Suzaku and Touma manages to recover the stolen Youseiken. after defeating Fukurou, who had used the Fudou Raimeiken to transform into Fudou Myouou Ja.

In SS021, Suzaku is injured by Douketsu. In order to heal him, they need to return him to his Kenbumajin form. Despite Akinori's disappointment, Touma gains Suzaku's Suzaku Sotenzan after Akinori breaks its seal.

In SS022, it is revealed that a fragment of Oniou Rasen remained inside his body and that Mogu, Ogu, and Togu were fighting it inside of Touma's body. After Natsume and Akinori drag the fragment out of Touma's body, Touma uses Suzaku's powers to destroy it for good.

In SS031, the abilities of the Kenbumajin Genbu are required to break through the Jorogumo's barrier and web. Touma challenges Genbu as Suzaku and is entrusted with his Genbu Hotenfu, gaining his third Youseiken.

In SS045, he and Shutendoji fight off against Byakko in order to retrieve the final Youseiken in order to awaken Shuka within Natsume.

In SS049, it was revealed that both he and Akinori Arihoshi are reincarnations of Shuka's knights, Gentou and Hakushu respectively.

Spoilers end here.


Possession! Kenbumajin Fudou Myouou! Lend me your power! (Japanese: 憑依! 剣舞魔神! 不動明王! 我に力を! Hyōi! Kenbumajin Fudou Myouou! Ga ni chikara o!)


His family name "Tsukinami" (Japanese: 月浪) literally translates to "moon wave".

His given name is likely taken from "winter" (Japanese: , In Go'on and Kan'on), being one of the four seasons, which Akinori, Natsume, and Haruya are also named for.


  • He is the first Yo-kai Watch user to:
    • Be an antagonist before becoming a protagonist.
    • Turn into the Yo-kai he summons.
  • He, alongside Akinori, Natsume and Haruya are named after the four seasons.
  • He, alongside Natsume, Ayame and Akinori, is one of the members of the Yo-kai Detective Agency to be a reincarnation of an important ancient Yo-kai/a descendant of someone who was once affiliated with an important Yo-kai.
    • In his case, he is the reincarnation of one of Shuka's knights, Gentou.


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