Tsukumono tribe insigna

The Tsukumono Tribe (Japanese: ツクモノ族 Tsukumono-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

The yo-kai in this tribe were born from inanimate objects.

The emblem is an orange object with legs and a face.

List of Tsukumono Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Charlie/Ghostcycle CharlieLight CharlieShadow
Zundoumaru/Shiryou no Dokudoku-nabe Zundoumaru Zundoumaru(Shadowside)
Jinta/Jingeki Jinta New Jinta (Shadowside) New
Robonyan 00 Robonyan 00 (lightside) Robonyan 00 (Shadowside)
Filmlin/Eigalien Filmlin Filmlin (Shadowside)
Hana-chan/Ohana-san Hana Poncho Hana Poncho (Shadowside)


Tsukumono comes from (Japanese: 付喪神 tsukumogami, "tool spirit").