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Tut 'n' K'mon (Japanese: 魔天王 Maten'ō) is a Rank S, Wind-attribute Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

Tut 'n' K'mon evolves from K'mon-K'mon when fused with a Bad News.



Tut 'n' K'mon is a blue-skinned humanoid Yo-kai with orange hair and a black mask -like marking over his red eyes. He has two pairs of wings: two black ones located on his waist and orange ones on his hair. He wears a purple vest with black shorts. He also wears golden armbands, straw yellow sandals and a disc-like headband.

Like his pre-evolved form, Tut 'n' K'mon also hates waiting. In fact, he is so impatient that he couldn't even wait for an instant, earning his name "the king of the world of impatience."


Yo-kai Watch 3

Fuse K'mon-K'mon with a Bad News, which can be found in the last challenge of Zombie Night. It can also be obtained in the Blasters T mode in the 2.0 update.

Game data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Meteor Punch (Japanese: 流星パンチ Ryūsei Punch) 24x3 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Storm (Japanese: 嵐の術 Arashi no Jutsu) 70 Wind Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Hate to Wait (Japanese: せっかちにする Sekkachi ni Suru) Single enemy
The Inspirited Yo-kai doesn't want to wait its turn and attacks allies.
Soultimate Move Flying Front Charge (Japanese: まっさきフライング王 Massaki Flying Ō) 190 Middle column
Charges into the column in front with intense vigor.
Skill Places to Be (Japanese: 究極のあき性 Kyūkyoku no Akisei)
Will randomly give up and leave mid-battle.


"Matenou" translates as "demonic heavenly king."

"Tut 'n' K'mon" is a pun on Tutankhamun, more commonly known as King Tut, and a corruption of c'mon.


  • Tut 'n' K'mon's face markings could be a reference to the Devilman series.
  • When Tut 'n' K'mon's skill triggers, he cannot be brought back during the battle, even if the player tries to use medicine to revive him.

In other languages

  • Italian: Offrett
  • Spanish: Espayá
  • German: Nuabbazu
  • French: Entout' Hâtila
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