The Twilight Seven (Japanese: トワイライト7(セブン) Towairaito Sebun) are another set of myths that happen around Y-Academy. Unlike the Seven Academy Mysteries, they are notably found outside of the campus most of the time.

Obtaining all seven of the YSP Medals unlocks entry to the second mysterious Y-Circle monument, where an Onryo named Bluepon resides.

They are covered in the Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Close Encounters of the N Kind anime series, lasting from YG009 to YG015.

List of Mysteries

Mystery Image Onryo Description Y-Medal
The Class That Does Not End (Japanese: 終わらない補習授業 Owaranai Hoshū Jugyō)
Sparta Kyoshi Students who get considerably low scores on their schoolwork are sent to a prison called Akentraz, where they are forced to undergo seemingly never-ending intense exercise training.
The Invisible Yankee Kurozawa (Japanese: 透明ヤンキー黒沢 Toumei Yankii Kurozawa) 150px Kazuma Shishiguro InvisYankMedal
Super School Fusion - Gakkouger Y (Japanese: 超校合体・ガッコウガーY Choukou Gattai - Gakkougaa Wai)
Gakkouger Y SupSchoolMedal
The Self-Moving Powered Suit (Japanese: 勝手に動くパワードスーツ Katte ni ugoku Pawaado Suutsu) PD700R Custom PD700R Custom SelfMoveMedal
Mufufu Book That is Never Thrown Away (Japanese: 絶対に捨てられないムフフ本 Zettaini Sute Rarenai Mufufuhon) Kinya Daiouji Kinya Daiouji MufuBookMedal
Assassin From the Virtual World (Japanese: 仮想世界からの暗殺者 Kasō Sekai Kara no Asashin) Jigoku Assassin Jigoku Assassin AssasVirMedal
Secret Lab - Y Lab (Japanese: 秘密の研究室 Y研 Himitsu no Kenkyūshitsu Y-ken) Kumako Kumoike Artwork Kumako Kumoike YLabMedal


Name Location Yo-kai Reward


  • The Twilight Seven is the first set to not entirely focus on Onryo, as both Kinya Daiouji and Kumako Kumoike are featured instead of the Onryo encountered during their myths, Pinkichi and God Unchikumars respectively.
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