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Uribou (Japanese: 瓜功 Uribou), also known as Inosasaou (Japanese: 猪笹王 Inosasaou), is a Rank B Shadowside Yo-kai of the Mononoke tribe.



In his Lightside form, Uribou is a small white pig with grey eyebrows, black eyes with green markings underneath, inner part of his ears are pink, a pink snout, three grey streaks on his side, yellow claw-like toes. He wears a golden crown with a purple gemstone in the middle and grass coming out of the top.

In his Shadowside form, Inosasaou is a huge white boar with leaves covering his body. He has blue eyes with grey markings underneath, he has two sets of tusks coming out of his mouth. He also wears a crown on his head with five metal rods sticking out and a rope that comes down around his neck. He has pink toes on his hooves and purple whisps on his legs.

He is said to be the guardian of the mountains and the king of all boars.


Yo-kai Watch 4

Uribou is befriended automatically during Chapter 3.



Uribou, and particularly its Shadowside form, is likely based on Inosasaou (猪笹王, "boar bamboo king") a youkai who appeared as a large boar with its back covered in bamboo leaves and inhabited Mt. Obagamine in Yamato (now Nara). It eventually died when a hunter by the name of Iba Hyougo shot it multiple times.

Some time later, a samurai visited the Yunomine hot springs in Kishu (now Wakayama) and requested the quietest room in the inn, asking that no one open the door. But the innkeeper couldn't suppress his curiosity and peeked inside, and what he saw was that very boar youkai, who woke up with a start when it sensed his presence.

"At this point I can no longer hide it. I am Inosasaou's ghost, and for many years I lived on Mt. Obagamine, but a hunter named Hyougo shot me to death. I wish to get my revenge, but his rifle and spotted hound are a great obstacle for me. Can you help me take both of those things away from him?"

The innkeeper, wasting no time, requested the help an officer who, fearing Inosasaou's curse, sent a servant to Hyougo to begin negotiations, but nothing could be done. In the end, Inosasaou began manifesting on Mt. Obagamine in the form of an oni called Ippon'ashi (一本足, "one leg"), who devoured any traveler who passed by. Eventually, nobody would dare to cross the Higashikumano road that passed through the mountain anymore, and it was completely abandoned.


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