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Beta Designs

Southmond Elementary School

Shurakoma (Shadowside)

Blasters T


Legendary Shadowside Yo-kai

Adams House

Shadowside Detective Agency

Yo-kai Ark Holder

Fudou Myouou-kai



Partner Yo-kai

Yo-kai Academy Y (Game)

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Triple Scratch 10-45 x3 Single Enemy
No description.
Technique Paradise 80-120 Restoration Single Ally
Heals allies with the power of the cyborg eye.
Inspirit I'm busy! Stat Increase Single Ally
Gets ally Yo-kai so busy that they speed up to finish what they're doing
Soultimate Move Claws of Fury 50-80 x5 Drain Front and back row
Scratches all opponents with claws and heals allies.
Skill Afterbite All
When attacking opposing yo-kai, allies get healed a bit.
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