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Usuta-san (Japanese: 臼田さん Usuta-san) is a character who first appeared in the fifth movie Yo-kai Watch Forever Friends.

He acts as the butler of Itsuki Takashiro.



Usuta-san has characteristics of both Whisper 2040 and Whisper.

He has pale white skin, black eyes that are connected by a dark line, and dark grey hair.

He also wears a black tuxedo and a black bow-tie.



Usuta-san is a butler working at Itsuki's house, and aids him and his friends in their efforts.

According to Itsuki, he started working at his place fairly recently, and he describes him as "slightly eerie".


Usuta (Japanese: 臼田 Usuta), which can alternatively be read as "Usuda", is a Japanese surname.

Phonetically, it also happens to resemble Whisper (Japanese: ウィスパー Wisupā) in Japanese.


  • Despite his close resemblance to Whisper, no connection between the two has confirmed.
  • Despite this, he often speaks using Whisper's verbal tic, can see Yo-kai and knows a lot about the how to use the Yo-kai Watch Elder Zero.
  • During the end credits of Forever Friends, Usuta is seen standing next to same Crank-a-kai that Whisper was trapped in.
  • Despite his Yo-kai-like appearance, Usuta is actually a human.
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