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Uwabami (Japanese: ウワバミー Uwabamī) is an Onryo that appears in Yo-kai Watch Jam: Can a Cat be a Hero?.



They are a kind of Noko snakes that were previously human transformed by Medusa through thorns on the head that only by removing them would return the Uwabami to its original state. The characteristics shared by all Uwabamis are that they have dark purple scales with black tiger stripes and a black upper part of the head.

Normal students or people who become an Uwabami, usually have a red belly and jaw, have green eyes with yellow corneas with a kind of mask that surrounds them, and have a turquoise tongue.

When a "special" person is turned into an Uwabami, their color characteristics often change in the special cases of Ryuusuke Kyuubi and Emma Daiouji.

When Ryuusuke Kyuubi was turned into an Uwabami, he had a purple belly and jaw, his eyes had the red outline of his original shape with yellow eyes and red corneas and he also had a purple tongue.

When Emma Daiouji was turned into an Uwabami, she had a yellow belly and jaw, she had a green tongue, her mask ended in a fine shape, and her eyes were orange with red corneas.



Their name comes from "uwabami" (うわばみ, 蟒蛇, "uwabami"?), which means "giant snake".


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