The Uwanosora tribe symbol.

The Uwanosora Tribe (Japanese: ウワノソラ族 Uwanosora-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

The Yo-kai in this tribe do not seem to have an overall theme.

The emblem is a blue crawling wisp with a confused face.

List of Uwanosora Yo-kai

Shadowside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Whisper 2040 NoneArk (L).jpg B24D0E8D-A1C7-4251-BFE3-7F4D61CBFCBE.png
Junior Junior.png Burning Dragon.png
Blizzard Wolf.jpg
Micchy/Mitsumatanozuchi SlimamanderLightside.png SlimamanderShadowside.png
Hyper Micchy/Mitsumata Ghidorah 513412DA-FCCB-4A21-A4BF-7CC325D7D806.png Mitsumata Ghidorah.jpg
Fukurou Fukuroh.png NoneArk (L).jpg
Kappa Kappa M05.png KappaUnknownShadow.jpg
Wakame-kun (Shadowside) Wiglin lightside.PNG Wiglin (Shadowside).png
Konbu-san (Shadowside) Steppa lightside.PNG Steppa (Shadowside).png
Mekabu-chan (Shadowside) Rhyth lightside.PNG Rhyth (Shadowside).png
Umataro/Umazura Goorse (Lightside).png Goorse (Shadowside).png
Hi no Shin Hi no Shin (L).png Hinozall Shadowside.jpg
Nuppefuhofu Droopah.png NuppefArk (S).jpg

Godside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Godside
Kappa/ Kappa'ou Sagojou Kappa M05.png Sagojou.png

Onechanside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Onechanside
Shakey ShakArk (L).jpg ShakArk (O).jpg
Supoor Hero SupooArk (L).jpg SupooArk (O).jpg
Whisper Kongming WhisKongArk (L).jpg WhisKongArk (O).jpg
Melonyan/Yubari Melonnyan MelonyanArk (L).png MelonyanArk (O)-0.png
Whisper WhisperArk (L).png WhisperArk (O).png
Compunzer CompunzerArk (L).png CompunzerArk (O).png
N'more N'moreArk (L).png N'moreArk (O).png
Cheeksqueek CheeksqueekArk (L).png CheeksqueekArk (O).png
Snottle SnottleArk (L).png SnottleArk (O).png
Sorrypus Gomendako.png NoneArk (S).jpg
Cornfused 200px NoneArk (S).jpg


The name is derived from "uwanosora" (Japanese: 上の空 absent-minded).


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