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ワカメくん, Wakame-kun

Wiglin lightside

Wiglin (Shadowside)

Debuted in SS035

Wakame-kun (Japanese: ワカメくん Wakame-kun)is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Uwanosora tribe.


In his Lightside form, Wakame-kun looks like his original counterpart, but smaller and thinner.

In his Shadowside form, he is taller, darker, and has long seaweed hair.


In SS035, Akinori, Ayame, and Ikarin find Him and Konbu-san in a seaside cave. They reveal to the group that they are currently depressed due to the fact that their friend Mekabu-chan left in search of a new dance partner.


See Wiglin for origins on his name.


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