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The Water Attribute (Japanese: 水属性 Mizu-zokusei) is one of the 8 Yo-kai attributes.

Most of the Yo-kai of this attribute are of the Slippery tribe. Water Yo-kai are strong over Fire Yo-kai, but are weak against Lightning Yo-kai.

List of Water-attribute Yo-kai

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank E icon Snotsolong Snotsolong Seafood
Rank C icon Maboroshi YW1-012 Illoo Bread
Rank D icon Tosenbon Blowkade Milk
Rank C icon Kuroganesenbon Ledballoon Milk
Rank D icon Morezo YW1-019 Fidgephant Rice Balls
Rank C icon Burufanto YW1-018 Touphant Rice Balls
Rank S icon Umibozu Swosh Vegetables
Rank B icon Honebijin Skelebella Sweet Things
Rank D icon Nogappa YW1-027 Walkappa Sushi
Rank A icon Tabigappa YW1-032 Appak Sushi
Rank A icon Namigappa Supyo Sushi
Rank A icon Safainyan YW2-020 Sapphinyan Chocobars
Rank B icon None Rollen Candy
Rank A icon None Dubbles Candy
Rank D icon Gishinanki YW4-027 Suspicioni Chinese Food
Rank S icon YW13-005 Awevil Meat
Rank E icon Coughkoff Coughkoff Bread
Rank E icon Jimerinbo YW4-031 Droplette Juice
Rank B icon Bakearare YW4-033 Drizzle Juice
Rank S icon Seiryu Azure Dragon Chinese Food
Rank C icon Michikusame YW4-036 Chummer Vegetables
Rank B icon Shrook Shrook Vegetables
Rank B icon Harawasheru YW1-059 Almi Bread
Rank C icon Nagabana YW2-039 Babblong Candy
Rank B icon Nagabanana Bananose Candy
Rank B icon Sunesuneeku YW3-027 Cynake Seafood

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank D icon Hitsumabushi PYW-110 Samureel Seafood
Rank B icon Himatsubushi PYW-119 Time Keeler Seafood
Rank B icon None Moximous K Snacks
Rank D icon Nopperabou YW5-005 Faysoff Oden Stew
Rank A icon Gamanmosu YW6-013 Enduriphant Rice Balls
Rank S icon Oogama YW8-012 Toadal Dude Soba Noodles
Rank S icon Ao-oni YW8-009 Ogralus * Meat
Rank C icon Ame-onna YW8-015 Drizzelda Juice
Rank B icon Budonyan YW6-018 Grapenyan Chocobars
Rank A icon None Robokapp Seafood
Rank A icon Kappa YW4-020 Faux Kappa Vegetables
Rank S icon Suiko YW5-013 Tigappa Chinese Food
Rank E icon None Herbiboy Vegetables
Rank E icon Nechigaeru YW5-023 Cricky Sushi
Rank D icon Ningyo YW4-035 Mermaidyn Sweet Things
Rank S icon YW5-024 Mermadonna Sweet Things
Rank S icon Izanami Mermother Sweet Things
Rank A icon YW9-022 SV Snaggerjag * Oden Stew
Rank S icon YW9-031 Unkaind Seafood
Rank A icon YW9-027 Mad Kappa Vegetables
Rank C icon YW9-026 Scaremaiden Sweet Things

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank B icon USApyon 2 Usapyon (Scuba Gear) Donuts

Introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3

Rank Image Name Favorite Food
Rank S icon None Columbakat Pasta
Rank D icon None Legsit Pasta
Rank C icon None Skulleidoscope Ice Cream
Rank B icon None Miss Teri Pasta
Rank A icon None Squandeer Pasta
Rank D icon None Shipshape Sailor Donuts
Rank A icon None Admirable Admiral Donuts
Rank C icon None Slippy Vegetables
Rank S icon None The Jawsome Kid Hot Dogs
Rank S icon None El Sharkador Hot Dogs
Rank S icon None Silver Lining Sushi
Rank A icon None Mumbles Meat
Rank D icon NecolumbusUkiukipedia Kittylumbus Seafood
Rank D icon None Zest-a-Minute Sweet Things
Rank C icon None Slackoon Juice
Rank A icon None Wobblenyan Chocobars
Rank S icon None Princess Pearl Sushi
Rank E icon None Lil Blue Bathing Hood Ice Cream
Rank A icon None Bubble Beth Ice Cream
Rank D icon None Afronaut Donuts
Rank C icon None Ponderoo Ice Cream
Rank C icon None Right Brothers Hot Dogs
Rank C icon None Mr. Blue-Shy Snacks
Rank D icon None Nervous Rex Hot Dogs
Rank C icon None Slax Pizza
Rank E icon None Humtea Jumtea Juice
Rank E icon None Snailspace Seafood
Rank D icon OttamagatorUkiukipedia OMGator Meat
Rank D icon NammoniteUkiukipedia Nautaloss Seafood
Rank D icon None Shellebrity Tempura
Rank C icon None Flocktopus Seafood
Rank A icon None Mython Sushi
Rank S icon None Big Fish Seafood


  • The tribe from the eight main tribes with the least amount of Water-attribute Yo-kai is the Shady tribe, with only 4 Yo-kai.
    • Prior to Yo-kai Watch 3, the tribe with this distinct honor was the Heartful tribe, with only 2 Yo-kai, with one of them being a technicality, as Rollen has attribute defenses of an Earth-attribute Yo-kai, but has a Water Technique.

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