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Yo-kai Medallium biography
Yo-kai Medallium
"The self-proclaimed Yo-kai butler to the stars! He loves to give information on every Yo-kai, but in fact he's really more of a know nothing, who gets his information from his trusty Yo-kai Pad."

Yo-kai Medallium biography
Yo-kai Medallium
"A Yo-kai who calls himself a Yo-kai Butler. He appears to be a font of Yo-kai info, but he's really just reading it off his Yo-kai Pad."
"Why hello! My name is Whisper! At your service!"
—Whisper, Yo-kai Watch 3

Whisper (Japanese: ウィスパー Wisupā) is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Jibanyan) of the Yo-kai Watch series. He is a Rank C, Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe introduced in Yo-kai Watch. In Yo-kai Watch 4, he's the part of the Uwanosora tribe. Despite being in the Yo-kai Watch franchise since the beginning, the player is not able to use him as a playable character until Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

Whisper is one of the mascots of the Yo-kai Watch franchise. In the games, he often refers to himself as the player's Yo-kai butler, offering them advice and assistance wherever and whenever possible or necessary.


Video games[]

Anime series[]

Manga series[]



Whisper is a white ghost-like wisp who has eyes with a curved black mark connecting his eyes, resembling a mustache. He has blue lips that almost always smile at the cheeks, and teeth as well as a set of arms. He has a wisp on top of his head that resembles an ice cream swirl, as well as at the bottom that always move whilst he floats.

He has the ability to temporarily morph into other caricatures of himself and create uncanny expressions, which are usually done for gags in the anime or manga series. A notable example of this is Dressed-up Whisper, that makes a short cameo appearance in Yo-kai Cheeksqueek and in a Quest in Yo-kai Watch 3, while he's a playable character in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble.

Usually, Whisper uses a tablet-like object called a Yo-kai Pad, whenever he searches up information for Yo-kai that Nate discovers. Aside from that, he uses it to look at news that goes on in the Yo-kai World.


Despite talking in a polite and well-mannered demeanor, he has a slightly uptight personality and a short temper, leading him to come off as sounding arrogant. As a Yo-kai butler, he prides himself in knowing all there is to know about Yo-kai, yet he often finds himself hastily checking the Yo-kai Encyclopedia when confronted by one. He enjoys lecturing those around him, and Whisper's tone of voice ranges from low to high and deep to flat, resulting in an odd and comical manner of speaking. In the Japanese version, Whisper frequently says Whis! (Japanese: ウイスー! Wisū!) as a verbal tic, similar to other mascot Yo-kai.

In the English dub, Whisper has a more curt but even more incompetent and oblivious personality. Frequently, he is sarcastic, and he has a tendency to insult others at the first chance he has. The anime also shows that he frequently doubts or outright rejects the possibility that a Yo-kai is behind strange events and claims that Nate has a bad habit of blaming Yo-kai for everything, despite Nate's suspicions almost always being correct.

Contrarily, in the games and manga, Whisper is usually the first to suspect a Yo-kai's involvement, and is generally a much more capable and intelligent character. Yo-kai Watch 2 and 3 shows him relying on his Yo-kai Pad a lot, as well as doubting Nate’s suspicions about Yo-kai most of the time, which are traits from the anime that crossed over into the video games.

In the manga, he seems to know everything about Yo-kai.


Whisper can go through walls, doors, and other certain objects, referencing his ghost-like appearance. While he uses it to follow the player when they go through revolving doors and such, this trait of his rarely pops up in the anime.

His powers as Nonuttin/Whispocrates are still present, but he uses the Yo-kai Pad in order to channel his energy and prevent himself from unleashing his power.

In the first episode of the anime, Whisper somehow summoned a swarm of bugs and called them away just as fast, though the latter was done via a giant fart, which was only displayed in that instance and never shown again. After a freak accident with the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, Nate can access or change his Yo-kai Watch by sticking his hand inside Whisper's mouth.


Yo-kai Watch 1 & 2[]

Whisper appears as one of the main characters in the game and Nate/Katie's Yo-kai butler. He is un-recruitable in the game.

Yo-kai Watch 3[]

Whisper is once again one of the main characters and Nate’s Yo-kai butler (as well as Katie’s in the alternate universe Nate can visit with the Fancy That! Coin.)

For the first time in a numbered entry in the series, Whisper can be recruited as a Yo-kai for battle, at the end of the Mystery Quest "The Man You Can Never See". To start the Quest, the player, must talk to the Employee sitting on the stairs in the Springdale Business Tower in order to receive Fancy That! Issue 19. After obtaining the issue, the player, as Nate, must talk to Bobby in front of the Southmond School. This will start the Quest. After completing the quest, he will automatically drop his medal befriending you.

He is required for the Fastidious Three Yo-kai Circle.

Yo-kai Watch 4[]

Whilst progressing through Quest No.29, the player will have the ability to choose either Present Whisper or Future Whisper. If the player chooses Present Whisper, they will be granted his Keystone. Once befriended, he has one heart for Nate and one empty heart.

He can also be gotten in the past and present Crank-a-kai after the quest regardless of who is chosen.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters[]

Whisper can be befriended exclusively in the White Dog Squad version of the game. To befriend him, the player will need to complete a hidden side-mission in Chapter 1. Upon completing the side-mission, Whisper, as well as Private Whispocrates, will be befriended.

He is required for the White Dog Squad HQ Yo-kai Circle.

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2[]

Whisper can be befriended in the Wandering Arena after chapter 2. He can also be found in Mysteria Temple ①.

He is required for the Our host will protect you! and Misplaced Lies Yo-kai Circles.

Game data[]

Main series[]

Yo-kai Watch 3[]

YW - Whisper
Stats Calculation
This shows Whisper's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Body Bash (Japanese: あてみ Atemi) 15 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Drain (Japanese: 吸収の術 Kyūshū no Jutsu) 50 Drain Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Slimed (Japanese: ゲロを吐く Gero o Haku) Single enemy
Whisper jacks up on a foe, greatly reducing their DEF.
Soultimate Move Blabber Mouth (Japanese: 口からでまかせブレス Kuchi karademakase Buresu)
Spews noxious green gas on foes in range, greatly lowering their DEF.
Skill Worldy Whisdom (Japanese: 知ったかぶり Shittakaburi)
All Yo-kai are more prone to be dealt critical attacks.
Blasters Stats[]

Yo-kai Watch 4[]

YW - Whisper
Stats Calculation
SPD Fast
Role Shooter
This shows Whisper's stat on level: 29.
Attribute: Lightning icon Weak Attribute: Earth icon

Attribute tolerance[]

Held items[]

Spin-off games[]

Yo-kai Watch Blasters[]

Yo-kai Watch Busters 2[]

Other games[]

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble[]

Whisper Wib Wob
Stats Calculation
This shows Whisper's stat on level: 50.
Soultimate Move
Information Overload
Erases Wib Wobs on bottom (stronger the more he disapeears)
Other Effects
Soultimate Levels
LV01 Power: 29pt
LV02 Power: 39pt
LV03 Power: 48pt
LV04 Power: 57pt
LV05 Power: 66pt
LV06 Power: 74pt
LV07 Power: 82pt
Skill Levels
LV01 Effect: N/A
LV02 Effect: N/A
LV03 Effect: N/A
LV04 Effect: N/A
LV05 Effect: N/A

Random Nicknames[]

Games Japanese English French Spanish German Italian Korean
Yo-kai Watch Blasters
ささやき Sasayaki
しつじ Shitsuji
にんまり Ninmari
にょろにょろ Nyoronyoro
Yo-kai Watch 3


  • Befriended: "Why hello! My name is Whisper! At your service!"
  • Loafing: "Good night."
  • Receiving Food (favorite): "That is outstanding!"
  • Receiving Food (normal): "So-so."
  • Receiving Food (disliked): "Oh-eh..."
  • Traded: "I can't believe you'd trade me! You won't, right?"
  • Blasters House:
    • "Let's hurry and move out! Let's blast 'em!"
    • "Count on this butler to be at your service in times of need."
    • "We've got perfect blasting weather again today."
  • Blasters T Camp: "What a fine day for an adventure!"

In the anime[]

Main article: Whisper (anime)

In the manga[]

Main article: Whisper (manga)
Main article: Whisper (Nyanderful Days)


"Whisper" is derived from "whisper". It could also be derived from "wisp", possibly referring to "will-o'-the-wisp".


Whisper may take inspiration from a combination of a will-o-the-wisp (hitodama) and shiro ukari, a ghost-like spirit with a very long tail. It is white, with large eyes that stare off into the distance as if lost in thought. It floats about in the air, aimlessly wandering about. It was found on a few edo scroll paintings rather than from folklore and invented by an artist.



Whisper's original artwork from the Level-5 World 2011 Trailer, where he was drawn on paper.

  • Whisper is Takuzo Nagano's favorite character he designed in the franchise.[1]
  • During development, Whisper's design paved way for the world view of Yo-kai Watch franchise, which led the human characters and overall setting to be created afterwards. [2]
  • Prior to Yo-kai Watch Blasters, Whisper was originally from an unknown Tribe, being classified as "???" in the Yo-kai Watch Official Guide.
  • Whisper is the first Rank C partner Yo-kai with Rank C being the new norm for Shadowside versions of previous partner Yo-kai.
  • Whisper, despite being in the anime for nearly every episode, has never given Nate his Yo-kai Medal.
  • In Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3, Whisper will get upset if the player selects a Travel Companion that isn't him. He will still react this way if the player selects Buchinyan or even a befriended version of himself.
  • While the English version of Whisper never says his Japanese verbal tic in the anime's English dub or the first game, the tic still appears during the QR Code screen prompts on the Yo-kai Watch Official YouTube channel. He also keeps it in the Toonami Asia dub, as well as the cutscene that creates Buchinyan.
    • Whisper's verbal tic was also not removed from the graffiti in the Nocturne Hospital in the English version.
  • Whisper's Soultimate is named "Information Overload" in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, but it was renamed to "Blabber Mouth" in Yo-kai Watch Blasters.
  • According to Yo-kai Watch Blasters, Whisper mentions that he has a driver's license.
  • When Whisper falsely says that he is able to feel Yo-kai activity with the swirl on his head, he may be referencing Kitaro, who is able to sense Yo-kai activity with is hair as a "Yo-kai antenna".
    • Whisper's English Yo-kai Medal has no Tribe assigned to it (even though Yo-kai Watch Blasters came out in Japan and he had one) when the Yo-kai Medal was released and scanning the QR Code will give a Crank-a-kai Coin of a random color.
    • In Yo-kai Watch Land, he is in the "Other" tribe alongside Meganyan and Directator.

In other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ウィスパー Wisupā
Flag of France French Whisper Same as the English name
Flag of Spain Spanish Whisper Same as the English name
Flag of Germany German Whisper Same as the English name
Flag of Italy Italian Whisper Same as the English name
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Whisper Same as the English name
Flag of Russia Russian Уиспер Uisper Transcription of English name
Flag of South Korea Korean 위스퍼 Wiseupeo
More Languages
Flag of the United Arab Emirates Arabic ويسبر Wayusbir Transcription of English name
Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Cantonese)* 威斯帕 Wēisīpà
Flag of the Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
Chinese (Mandarin)*
维斯帕 Wéisīpà
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (Brazilian) Whisper Same as the English name.
Flag of Thailand Thai วิสเปอร์ Wis̄pexr̒
Flag of Turkey Turkish Fisilti

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