"Wild Boy! Wildin' and Stylin'! (ワイルドボーイ!ワイルドに見参!)"
—Transformation quote.

Wild Boy (Japanese: ワイルドボーイ Wairudo-Bōi) is the Yo-kai Hero form of Jinpei Jiba when inspirited by Goromi via the YSP Watch, appearing in the Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y series.

In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he is a Rank Z Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe, while in Yo-kai Sangokushi: Kunitori Wars is being an Rank Sho Yo-kai, and in Yo-kai Watch: Ukiukipedia Gakuen Y, he is of the Mononoke tribe.




Wild Boy is a cat-like Yo-kai Hero. He has Goromi's yellow color scheme, but is more humanoid. Unlike Kengo Benimaru, his true face is shown a pair of gleaming vivid cyan eyes peeking out from black glasses along with vivid cyan inner ear colors, a white nose and his white 'muzzle' mouth while he has one yellow tail with two spikes on both sides near the pointy tip.

He wears a black cowboy hat-like fedora with two bright green stripes on the left side with silver rectangular-framed goggles with amber-colored lens along with a silver necklace with a matching colored lightning bolt, a black vest with a bright green stripe on both sides united in the shape of a 'V' and has two bright green spines protruding upward from both sides of the 'V' on the back of his vest with a small one under the bigger one.

Wild Boy Video Game.jpeg

Wild Boy has black, baggy pants with a bright green belt with a diamond-shaped buckle and a dangling strap on both side with the same buckles whilst, he wears black wrist sweatbands with a bright green ring-like stripe on the bottom of them and wears black-colored, square-toed, western ankle harness boots with bright green heels and soles and matching colored boot straps along with a bright green stripe on the middle of both boot tongues. His weapons, called Wild Shooters (Japanese: ワイルドシューター Wairudoshūtā), are two bright green and dark gray modern revolvers with gray and dark gray cylinders and unique barrels.


Wild Boy is hyperactive and often uses English words, mainly "baby".


Wild Boy is a marksman with great accuracy.


Attack Image Command Medal Rating Obtain Used Effect
Wild Act (Japanese: ワイルドアクト Wairudoakuto)
Wild Act.jpeg
WildActMedal.jpg ★3 YG008 YG008 Wild Boy shoots a volley of red projectiles that home in on the enemy.
Twilight Barrage (Japanese: 黄昏乱れ撃ち Tasogare Midare Uchi)
Twilight Disorderly Shooting.jpeg
KiMidareMedal.jpg ★3 YG008 YG008 Wild Boy rapidly shoots a storm of bullets.
Twilight Dance (Japanese: 黄昏の舞 Tasogare no Mai)
Twilight Barrage + Purple Dance = Twilight Dance.jpeg
KiMidareMedal.jpgCommandMedal 3.jpg ★3 YG008 & M06 YG032
Wild Bazooka (Japanese: ワイルドバズーカ Wairudo Bazūka) Wild Bazooka.jpeg Wild Bazooka Medal.jpeg ★3 YG054 YG054 Wild Boy summons the Wild Bazooka and fires it at the enemy.
Bounce Grenade (Japanese: バウンスグレネード Baunsugurenēdo) Bounce Grenade Y Medal.jpeg ★TBA TBA TBA Wild boy throws a bouncing blue grenade that causes a miniature explosion with each explosion.


Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Game data

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Wild Boy Wib Wob.png
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In the anime

Wild Boy's Title English Sub.jpeg


Wild Boy is a hybrid of Wild West and Cowboy, considering his outfit.


He is based on the stereotypical cowboy from pop culture.

Transformation Song

♪Whoa! Wild West! Y-S-P!♪ (Japanese: ♪うわあ! ワイルドウェスト! ワイエスピー!♪ ♪Uwa a! Wairudo Wesuto! Wai-Esu-Pī!♪) Western rock music but the lyrics are silent.


  • Wild Boy! Wildin' and Stylin'! (Japanese: ワイルドボーイ!ワイルドに見参! Wairudo-Bōi! Wairudo ni Kenzan!)
  • Silicon Valley is also his Garden! Wild Boy! Stylin'! (Japanese: シリコンバレーも ミーの庭! ワイルドボーイ 見参! Shirikonbarē mo mī no niwa! Wairudo-Bōi! Kenzan!)
  • I'll visit you with a lot of computer virus shots. (Japanese: コンピュータウイルス たっぷいのショットをお見舞いしてやるぜ。 Konpyūtauirusu tappui no shotto o o mimai shite yaru ze.)


Wild Boy: You! It's a mess! (Japanese: ユー! トドメだぜ! Yū! Todomeda ze!)
Ninetail: A splendid coalition attack! (Japanese: 華麗なる合体攻撃! Kareinaru gattai kōgeki!)
Wild Boy & Ninetail: Twilight Dance! (Japanese: 黄昏の舞! Tasogare no Mai!)


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