Yo-kai Watch!

Way Too Average Life (Japanese: フツーすぎる人生 Futsū Sugiru Jinsei), Not-Average Life (Japanese: フツーじゃない人生 Futsū Janai Jinsei) and 4-Komasan: Urban Trap (Japanese: 4コマさん「都会の罠」 Yon-Komasan "Tokai no Wana") is the 1st episode of the Yo-kai Watch! anime series. It broadcasted in Japan on April 5, 2019.


Elementary student Keita Amano is fed up with himself for being way too "average." He thinks, "can't just something unusual happen to me?" and then the closet opens up on its own and he hears a strange voice shouting from inside? "No, something unusual can't happen", Keita tells himself; but then in class, he catches onto very strange occurrences, like seeing a cat-like red silhouette flicker in the moment it appears, notices the awful stench of farts, and people making funny faces at lunchtime... What in the world is going on around Keita? Could Keita have forgotten about Yo-kai?!





  • The get-up Whisper wears acts as a reference to his Shadowside form.
  • It's revealed that the Adams family moved to the address next to the Forester family's house, and Whisper, Jibanyan, and Hidabat are now living in Adams family's new house.
  • This marks the third time Jibanyan almost hugged Nate


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