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Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life (Japanese: 妖怪ウォッチJam 妖怪学園Y ~ワイワイ学園生活~ Yo-kai Watch Jam Yo-kai Gakuen Y Wai-Wai Gakuen Seikatsu, Yo-kai Watch Jam - Yo-kai Academy Y: Yeah-Yeah School Life) is a role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, part of the Yo-kai Watch Jam spin-off franchise. It was released in Japan on August 13, 2020 digitally for the Nintendo Switch, and was released on October 29, 2020 for the PlayStation 4. The November 2020 issue of Corocoro revealed that the physical versions of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 games were released on December 17, 2020.

This was the second Yo-kai Watch game to be released on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS5 included with cross-compatibility); the first was Yo-kai Watch 4.

English and Chinese titles were revealed during the LEVEL5 Special Meeting at Tokyo Game Show 2020. A Traditional & Simplified Chinese localization was announced on November 16, 2020 to be digitally patched into the game by the end of 2020. No English localization has been announced.

A free trial was released for the Nintendo Switch on August 3, 2020.


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NOTE: Throughout most of the game, the chapters roughly follow along with the movie (for the first 4 chapters), as well as the anime series. Some chapters/quests take an abridged telling that differs from what happened in the anime, but they follow the same premises.

Warning: plot & spoiler details are listed below.

New School Year

At the beginning of a new school year, a red-haired boy named Jinpei Jiba races into a prestigious boarding school called Y-Academy, where he starts off his academic life with optimism. His friend, Sandayu Koma meets up with him at the gates, revealing to be best friends in their old school and both go up to the stairs into the main building.

They both suddenly bump into some delinquents, who have been bullying another new student. Jinpei laughs it off at first, much to the bullies' frustration and introduces himself and his friend, Sandayu to them both. Their humorous introductions anger the delinquents even more and turn into a fight, where the boy fearfully witness it happening. When Jinpei declares victory over them, he asks who the boy's name is, revealing to be Mataro Tamada.

Matarou explains that he got into Y Academy due to his extensive knowledge in academics, even studied during cram school and made some friends who were good at studying while Jinpei and Sandayu say that they got in because they had passed their "YSP standards", whom both don't know what the abbreviation means despite Jinpei joking about what it may stand for. A young girl wearing jet-powered boots suddenly disrupts the trio's conversation where she apologizes at first, but Matarou takes a liking to her appearance.

A few hours later, Jinpei, Sandayu and Matarou settle in their new class where the teacher introduces himself as Haruhiko Usumizawa who will be in charge of handling the class and the student dormitory. Jinpei and Sandayu take a liking to the new teacher but suddenly notice Matarou acting nervous in the corner of the classroom. When they go over to Matarou, he said that he saw a mysterious ghostly creature in the entrance ceremony but that creature suddenly reappears behind him who introduces himself as Wampus, where Jinpei thinks of him as an Onryo and decides to fight him with Sandayu.

When Jinpei and Sandayu both beat Wampus, the Onryo suddenly takes a liking to them and decides to join forces while he gives them weapons to fight foes with. Letting out his tiredness about his unexpected chain of events that happened today, Matarou decides to explain about a vision he saw when he was at the school gate of an oncoming meteor to Sandayu and Jinpei but the latter disregards him, much to his frustration.

Suddenly, a member of staff comes into the classroom, where she tries to get the attention of Jinpei and Sandayu where the former recognises her as Natsuki Enra, who is known to be the most beautiful woman in the academy. Jinpei suddenly blushes at her appearance and way of talking, while Enra asks them to visit the infirmary to meet her there. Before Sandayu and Matarou try to change his mind, Jinpei is further enticed by her romantic appearance and rushes over to the infirmary.

The YSP Watch

The Forbidden Love Mystery

Fighting Medusa

Solving the Seven Mysteries

The Twilight Seven

Siding With the Gakuen Mafia

The Amazing Seven

Exploring the Pyramid

The New Student

Mikettio Appears

Undoing the Past

Rescuing Emma

Elna's New Country

Spoilers end here.


The player takes control of a student who has enrolled into a prestigious school called Y-Academy, where it has several missions and activities to offer.

There is a reputation system called Likes, where it is vital for the player to maintain a reputation so they could get rewards like Y-Drops. They can be obtained by fighting enemies in battle or by interacting with them during Events.

School Times



Like previous Yo-kai Watch games, the character can engage in action-based battles like Yo-kai Watch 4 and Yo-kai Watch Blasters except that they now happen in real time. Delinquents can be fought on campus, where it can happen at random or making the wrong decision in an Event. Onryo can also be fought, but only via missions or via the Spirit World Channel feature with the YSP Watch.

During the battles, the player can change between equipped weapons where each of them have a different effect. They can also change their Gakuen Job, which will affect their stats and benefited effects obtained by levelling it up. The player can gain Likes from the students watching them, every time the player attacks the enemy or by doing a pose which will temporarily give them increased strength.

For stronger enemies, the player can transform into a Yo-kai Hero which is activated when the gauge is full. They each have attacks that can be changed for stronger variants or different moves that can be found when fighting Onryo.

Prerelease information

The game was teased by Akihiro Hino via a tweet on December 27, 2019.

The official website for the game opened on March 14, 2020, along with the full unveil and announcement date for summer 2020.

Link Bonuses

Waiwai Open Campus

By completing various tasks on the Waiwai Open Campus website, users accumulate points which can be spent on special items to obtain in the game.

Yo-kai Watch 4 Link

If the player owns a copy of Yo-kai Watch 4 or its expansion, they can get a bonus item called the Red Enma Blade, which is available to use during battle.


Deluxe Enrollment Set

The icon for the Deluxe Enrollment set.

Within the initial digital release of the game, there is a Deluxe Enrollment Set (Japanese: DX入学セット Derakusu Nyuugaku Setto) that adds some additional extras to the game on the day of release, costing 6,300 yen. The following downloadable content are included in this edition of the game itself:

  • Popular Student Pack 1
  • Popular Student Pack 2
  • Lucky Rare Drop Pack
  • New Student Support: Speed Growth Pack
  • New Student Support: Recommended Weapon Pack

In the regular edition, the content can be downloaded separately on the Nintendo eShop for 500 yen each.

Downloadable Content

Launch Day

Five of the seven DLC packs are included with the Deluxe Enrollment Set. Some of them contain playable Yo-kai and costumes of characters from earlier Yo-kai Watch games. The five contained in the Deluxe Admission Set can only be bought once, the other two can be bought a infinite number of times.

Title Image Price Contents
Popular Student Pack 1 (Japanese: 人気者と共にパック① Ninki-sha to tomoni pakku ichi)
¥500 Includes content from the original Yo-kai Watch series:
Popular Student Pack 2 (Japanese: 人気者と共にパック② Ninki-sha to tomoni pakku ni)
¥500 Includes content from the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside series:
Lucky Rare Drop Pack (Japanese: レアドロップ幸運パック Readoroppu kōun pakku)
¥500 Comes with rare drop-increasing items:

  • Gold Jibanyan Doll (equipment)
  • Gold Pendant (equipment)
  • Looking for a four-leaf clover (recipe)
New Student Support: Speed Growth Pack (Japanese: 新入生支援・スピード成長パック Shin'nyūsei shien supīdo seichō pakku)
¥500 Comes with experience-increasing items:

  • Baelmisanga (equipment)
  • Concentration Ring (equipment)
  • School secret book that makes a difference with the surroundings (recipe)
New Student Support: Recommended Weapon Pack (Japanese: 新入生支援・オススメ武器パック Shin'nyūsei shien osusume buki pakku)
¥500 Comes with stronger weapons:

  • Gem Punch (weapon)
  • Master Harisen (weapon)
  • The Bat of Youth (weapon)
  • School life to start from today! (recipe)
Super Boost Growth Pack (Japanese: 超ブースト成長パック Chō būsuto seichō pakku)
¥500 Comes with experience-increasing items:

  • Bael Manju x 5 (item)
  • ChocoBonbon x 5 (item)
Special Dungeon Challenge Pack (Japanese: スペシャルダンジョン挑戦パック Supesharudanjon chōsen pakku)
¥500 Comes with dungeon tickets:

  • SD ticket × 10 (item)


September Update


Elze is Coming Multiplayer (Japanese: エルゼ来るぜマルチプレイ Eruze Kuru ze Maruchipurei) The first major free update was released on September 30, 2020. This update includes the following new features:

November Update

Y School Heroes DLC2 Logo.png

Great Cosmic Battle Rendezvous (Japanese: 大宇宙決戦ランデブー Dai Uchū Kessen Randebū) The second major free update was released on November 28, 2020. This update includes the following new features:

  • New Episodes: Jinpei's fight finally reaches its climax
    • To start this story, clear the main part and Episode 19 After proceeding with the game, you need to rest in the dormitory and proceed with the time of the next day.
    • Final Battle with Elzemekia
  • New Dungeons
    • Kiraboshi Labyrinth
    • These can be unlocked by advancing the story added in the second major update.
    • Added "Pole" mode to some of the existing dungeons.
  • New Bosses
  • Six New Yo-kai Heroes
  • New Multiplayer Mode: Singing and dancing around the flames, a special night. Y-Academy's Traditional Campfire will be held! Let's work together to collect firewood and make the flames bigger and bigger!
    • New multiplayer free mission "Burn up! Campfire!" has been added.
    • To play, Episode 10, you need to advance the game. By further advancing the game, missions of difficulty "Super" and "Pole" will also be added. You can also play in one person play.
  • New Materials
    • Topaz Reiou Sword and Blue Moon Sword

2021 Update

Y School Heroes DLC3 Logo.jpg

Narikiri Bugiugi Supernova (Japanese: なりきりブギウギ超新星 Narikiri Bugiugi Chōshinsei) The third major free update will be released in 2021. This update includes the following new features:

  • New Battle Mode - Academy Werewolf
    • TBD
  • Dress up as other Level 5 Characters
    • TBD
  • Super Difficult New Mission Added
    • New Yo-kai Hero Bosses: Onnen Kengo Benimaru, Onnen Shishi O, Onnen Ninetail, Onnen T-Dine, Onnen Blue Moon, Onnen Wild Boy and more
    • New Bosses: Ensa no Hanako-san, Saiyaku no Mazera Gigas
  • New Exclusive Items
    • After defeating certain Onnen Heroes, you can get exclusive item medals for their normal form.
    • You can also get Ensa no Hanako-san's summon medal.
  • New Multiplayer will be added
    • Become the characters of Y-Academy
    • Enjoy school life together by playing as all 10 characters





  • This is the very first Yo-kai Watch game to receive a CERO age rating of B, as all previous games have been given a rating of A. The content descriptor is shown as "crime", which may have been to do with the plot element of siding with the School Mafia.
  • The game reuses some of the sprites from the 8-bit version of Let's Go to Y-Academy.
  • This game introduces the most Dog Boss Yo-kai, which are mostly aliens.

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